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why the decoder splits the recorded .ts files into two separate files above 4gb is there any possibility to. recorded files were not divided into two, only one, as in Linux decoders with enigma? I tried on fat32 and ntfs partition and it doesn't help
No way around it, its by design to get around the fat32 issue even though you can use ntfs.


I did the instructions according to the sonat website to make sp1 work free of charge but the website displays an error and forever is active for 3 years (info from the decoder) and its time has not shortened and sp1 does not work. I saw on the internet that you can buy VIP for one month, does sky also work in the VIP package? is there any other way to make sp1 for free instruction according to does not work and does not turn on sp1 is a bug
If you have forever vip package depending on ur box and location , you will be able to get slyukip ,slyit,slyde even greek pckages all works great without p, sub is yrly i think.


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if i decide to get sp1 will it add on to my current subscription that ends in september. how does it work. or does it just wipe that? cheers guys


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Tring only goes FTA with New Year Promo for a day but has not appeared working on Forever
i doubt Tring will ever work unless they somehow add some very desirable content
other channels and packages offer so much more desirable content so it is what it is : )

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Explanation of all renewal codes for Global / Goosat China services Gshare + Funcam + Forever Only these are codes for renewing the service through the renewal site. Each server has a special site. Each code starts with a specific letter Each code unlocks a specific package and has a different price In the end, we hope that those who do not know benefit from this information and know which code to renew

Code Box Forever
Code T:1year server
Code Z12:Appolo forever 1 year Server
Code L12:appolo+forever 1year
Code SP1:forever + Sky de + Sky UK+ SKY ITA
Code SP2:forever+appolo+Sky UK + Sky de +/SKY ITA
Code I Vip Package (DSTV36 On+ Bein Mena 25.5E +8W But off 2week not back

Code Box Funcam
Code S:1year
Code R12:apollo 1year
Code M12:appolo+funcam iks
Code Gshare A: Also work in serial Funcam open more channel OSN,AFN,Nova,Bis,DigiAlb,TotalTV,1.0W.

Code Box Gshare
Code A:1year serveur
Code E: appolo 1year
Code k12: appolo+gshare iks
All box serial Gshare not Support
Vip ( DSTV 36 On + Bein MENA 8W &25.5E- But off 2Week not return
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