Two thirds of landlords unaware of switchover responsibilities


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Two thirds of landlords unaware of switchover responsibilities

Fewer than one in three landlords in the UK are aware of the actions they may need to take to implement the switchover to digital television, according to research by the National Landlords Association (NLA).

Landlords letting properties in blocks of flats which share a communal television system have a responsibility to ensure that the switchover to digital is implemented on behalf of their tenants, only 52% of NLA members aware of the digital switchover requirements have the necessary upgrades in motion.

David Salusbury, Chairman of the NLA, said, "We are concerned how few landlords appear to be aware of their responsibilities relating to digital TV switchover. Any landlord who rents out a property which relies on a communal television system must ensure that the necessary steps are taken to make the switch to digital. Landlords have a legal responsibility to provide basic services to their tenants, and digital television capability comes under this remit."

Mr Salusbury continued, "Letting properties professionally is a serious responsibility. With so many legal obligations to the tenant, the business of letting can be a minefield of regulation. The NLA provides advice on a wide range of issues affecting the independent landlord. This advice is available to NLA members on our website, in our journal, UK Landlord, through our advice line, and e-newsletter."

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