The best image for DM800 HD se

The best image for DM800 HD se

  • iCVS-Image

    Votes: 194 14.5%
  • Merlin-2.Excalibur

    Votes: 67 5.0%
  • LT Images Image

    Votes: 16 1.2%
  • LS E2 Image

    Votes: 11 0.8%
  • Allrussian Image

    Votes: 35 2.6%
  • Power of Dreams Image

    Votes: 9 0.7%
  • SifTeam_Enigma2_Extreme Image

    Votes: 34 2.5%
  • EDG-Nemesis Image

    Votes: 226 16.9%
  • OoZooN Image

    Votes: 32 2.4%
  • OpenPLi Image

    Votes: 308 23.0%
  • Newnigma2 Image

    Votes: 374 27.9%
  • Experimental Image

    Votes: 34 2.5%

  • Total voters


Nice Dreambox upload options !!

Thank you for the Flash OS advice for the DM800 boxes.
I'm new with these Dreambox Flashing options but I like to add another nice feature of these high quality Video boxes. And that's uploading editted video's back into DM800 and then via scart to another recorder or create perfect DVD-video's on pc with NeroVision!

Last time my DVD-recorder was broken again, so I had to find another way to record my favorite tv series/films.
In perfectly HD video quality the DM800 also saves the .ts records over Ethernet cable to my pc (I use IE Windows 7)AND after cutting-out the adverts and other unwanted stuff with Freemake or Wondershare convert them into DVD-video ready .mp4 !!
But helas my original CanalDigital card via Smart-Wi only works on my CCCam 2.2.1 Dreambox800HD-PVR. Still not on CCcam 2.3.0 800HD se box with OpenPli. That's why I first have to make a backup first in order to be safe when changes corrupt my new HDse box !!


I'm using DM 800 SE with DVB-C

have test many of them.

I'm using IPTV, wathcing MKV from hard disk or usb disk
sometime using mytube.

My choice is Newnigma2,