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  • My dear brother fankosh my great thanks to u as ur images soo fantastic.plz i want to see ablackhole 2.1.4 back up for u as i trust only in ur backup.thanks alot.
    hey fankoosh i downloaded you openpli back up image and im trying to install tspanel but i wont install tried telnet same thing when i go into the menu nothing there..... help pls

    root@dm800se:~# opkg install -force-overwrite /tmp/*.ipk
    Installing enigma2-plugin-extensions-tspanel (7.3) on root.
    Configuring enigma2-plugin-extensions-tspanel.
    update-alternatives: Linking //sbin/blkid to blkid.e2fsprogs
    restarting Busybox Periodic Command Scheduler: crond... stopping Busybox Periodic Command Scheduler: crond... no crond found; none killed
    * *
    * plugin installed successfully *
    * *
    * E2 restart is required *
    * *
    * By Mahmoud Faraj(mFaraj57)-Tunisia-sat.com,dreamoem.com *
    *Thanks for support by sim2 team *
    hi friend i had try but i cant install N streaming player on my dm800se.
    if you send me guid how to install.. thanks

    nemesis 2.6 dm800se.
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