Protect yourself with VPN tunneling = by encrypting your Internet Pure2 connection!!!


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Surfshark allows for unlimited number of devices, it has OpenVPN,
WireGuard, Shadowsocks, IKEv2 etc. encryptions, apps for Windows,
Android and more, one can easily install it in Enigma2 (see my attached
guide) but it's also dirt cheap!!!:thum:

TESTED and working GREAT!!!

15 libraries
+ 3 months free

Choice is easy.

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A couple of points I missed in the tutorial, for reasons of length...
Maybe sometimes one can miss these points and problems can be related to it...

So, let me rectify it here: anyone who knows anything about PurE2 and the tutorials I wrote
knows about the difference between dynamic and permanent mounting of devices/partitions.

Have you mounted your devices properly, in a permanent manner (not dynamic mounting),
so your mounted devices/partitions do not "accidentally" swap places after a reboot, in which case
your OpenVPN folder will not be where the plugin is searching for it? You see, not every image
has this ability/feature, like PurE2 does.

OpenPLi and all other images (including PurE2) have automounting, which is dynamic.
It means that E2 by default, detects USB memory stick or HDD/SSD (SATA or via USB cable/port) or mSD devices
and mounts them automatically.

However, as simple as that is (especially for spiritually lazy users), when you have a more complex/demanding setup
(and the VPN is precisely that - "complicating things" to get them to be better, with more options working for you,
one of the features being YOUR SAFETY!!!) - I recommend PERMANENT MOUNTING!!!

So, one needs to think about it for about 15-20 minutes, just once, to understand it and then
put it to good use, to your advantage!!!

How to kill Automounting

MENU > pManager > Device Manager > Mount Manager > blue button > yellow button
(to switch Automount OFF) > Exit > do this for all devices/partitions that you want fixed
(for the full procedure, including more details see the above link).

In other words: our pManager can mount your devices/partitions permanently,
as you want them to be, which is something only our image does by design.

So, whenever you reboot your machine the devices/partitions will remain as you set them up,
i.e. they would not have swapped their places, as can frequently happen with the dynamic mounting.

Restart and it must work!
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