Premiere reports 90,000 HD customers


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Premiere reports 90,000 HD customers

Premiere reports it has reached 90,000 HD customers by September 30. During the last month about 5,000 people signed up for the high def service, which consists of two premium channels, Premiere HD and Discovery HD. At the moment there are about 400,000 HD receivers in the German market place and around 3 million HD ready TV sets.

The totakl number of Premiere susbscirbers now stands at 4,173,395, which is a record for the operator. This includes 642,229 subs via the Arena platform on Unitymedia and Kabel BW. The number of people subscribing directly to Premiere, via boitgh cable and DTH, is 3,531,166.

Premiere reported 105,000 customers for its Premiere Star, which launched last September on the Entavio platform and at the moment offers 14 channels. The company expects to win about 200,000 new subscribers per year.

Although Premiere is not pleased with the fact that Leo Kirch will now package and produce the Bundesliga games, the company will take part in the bidding process for the rights, which will take place in April, 2008. Premiere also announced it will offer Formula 1 racing on a pay-per-view basis via the web.

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