PBNIGMA's PB Centre - GIT is here...


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Oycha, sat enthusiasts! ;)

May I present the legendary and sadly now defunct PowerBoard's heart and brains: PBNIGMA PB Centre, "oldie but goldie" piece of code, which helps tremendously with older, limited HW (and perhaps it might be needed even in some newer HW, short on flash memory)! :thum:

Let me explain, please (writing from memory)...

It's a set of tools to set up an Enigma2 properly!

As it is geared towards PBNIGMA structure, it has to be modified according to the structure of the basis of an E2 image one will use it for (OpenPLi, OE-A or DMM).

It has Device & SWAP Managers, plus Flash Expander (as "Expander") included, all in one place, easily used by people who are not put off by a little bit of thinking that is required.

It PRESUMES NO AUTOMOUNT of devices/partitions being done by E2 - BUT instead, user sets them up the way s/he needs. Then, all else follows easily! Autodetect is ON (E2 should recognise the devices being plugged in) but automount is NOT functioning!

I warmly recommend this especially for great little old boxes like DB500HD, 800HD PVR, 800HD SE, AZbug HD models and all similar boxes, with too small a flash for everything one might want installed!

So, firstly, one must mount one's devices/partitions manually.

PB Device Manager will enable one to that in a best possible way:

1) initialise = erase/partition a device/partition, then create up to 4 partitions on a single device (with 4 various sizes/ratios)

2) format your newly created partition(s) in many formats, both Windows and Linux type (ext2, 3, 4, fat, fat32 etc.)

3) mount a partition with many different possibilities (/media/hdd, 1, 2, 3, /media/usb, 1, 2, 3, /media/cf etc.)

4) create a SWAP file of various size, on a partition of your choice

5) expand flash by "outsourcing" only certain relevant folders from the flash onto a device/partition of your choice (USB stick or SSD recommended).

This manual mounting of partitions on external or built-in (=internally placed) devices guarantees that no partitions "swap places" after a reboot, thanx to "dynamic automounting" (all the E2s have that by default, to my "knowledge") - and then it all goes haywire.... a lot of work gone for no good reason whatsoever!

Expander function will do its magic for old machines with very limited flash space and then one can install whatever one wants onto a USB stick or SSD, for instance...

One should create a partition to be used solely for Expander! Nothing else should go there!

Plus another partition for Picons, EPG, SWAP file, subtitles and whatnot...

So, please, feel free to continue using this GREAT SET OF TOOLS FOR SETTING UP AN E2 PROPERLY, i.e. in a best possible manner, so the whole thing will function well. I repeat: your manually mounted partitions/devices will NOT swap places, thanx to "dynamic automounting".

Please note, there is also an included tool in the PB Centre for a different type of mounting, if one uses 2 identical USB sticks, for instance (by UUID).

Good luck! :cool:

(It's not all there yet because our jolly coder is ill - but when he feels better he will add the rest, he told me, after I asked him for this little favour... :) )