New PowerBoard Image v. VX 6.1 for many STBs!


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To my mind the best image ever, of all the images I have tested (and I have tested many) - the best structure, best thought-through, best set of built-in tools (see blue button > PB Centre), fabulous skins and many more goodies to play with and cater for anyone's needs and taste. This image gives you control, as to how things will be set up, how they will look, what will be where etc. more than any other I have seen to date!

There is no AutoFS in PBNIGMA, so you need to mount your devices, the way you need them to be via PB Centre > Device Manager (functions like Initialise to partition a device, Format [best in EXT4], Check to control what you have done and how a device is functioning, then Mount (as /usb or /hdd or /cf etc.). If it's an older machine and it hasn't got much flash or RAM memory, you have (Flash) Expander built-in and SWAP creator, too. After every major change > Reboot!

Then, using some of an array of PB tools, send EPG, Picons, buffering etc. to the device of your choice.

Franz made a beautiful, multi-faceted ESTUARY skin, with many possible configurations, from the way it looks (about 4-5 different interfaces), to which data to display and onwards! In a few words: functional, versatile, capable and beautiful! And you set it up the way you want it to be!

The main PB principle - the user is in control of so much of this image, this skin and onwards.

Servers second to none - full support in all directions!
Menu > Plugins > Download Plugins > External link > get out, then go back and you will see it all, including CamDs...)

On this and PB forum you will find my general "How to's".

More help - video tutorials by Franz! - is here:


New PowerBoard Image 6.1

- gstreamer
- Glibc 2.2.5
- GCC Bug Fixes
- openSSL Security fixes
- Basis für neue 64 Bit Umgebung Support für multi libs 32/64 Bit
- Stabilitäts Updates
- Basiert auf OE-Core Morty
- viele Updates im Enigma2-Kern
- Aktualisierungen bei den Plugins
- Updates bei den Treibern und Kernel
- Mega-Update im Skin mit diversen Anpassungsmöglichkeiten

Wichtig! Das Image nur im Flash benutzen!

We recommend to install image direct to flash in order to avoid potential issues.

Zu finden wie gewohnt jetzt hier/Find PB VX v. 5.3, 6.0 and 6.1 for many STBs here:


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