New PBNIGMA 5.1 for STi 7111/7162 models to test!


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New PBnigma v. 5.1 to test!!!

STi 7162/Amiko Alien A2 & alike:

STi 7111/Amiko Alien 8900:

- gstreamer 1.6.1
- lots of E2 fixes
- old RC support
- etc. etc.

Here is how to deal with PBNIGMA itself - this is for Ferrari 500 HD but - bar some HW differences - the general idea is the same!

Pay attention to the Device Manager in PB Centre! How to initialise (make a single partition), format (EXT4) and mount your USB memory stick as /media/usb, for instance!

NOTA BENE: PBNIGMA does not have auto-mounting! It gives you a choice to do it the way it is best for you!

NOTA BENE no. 2: do NOT use EXPANDER (PB's very own "Flash Expander" built-into the Device Manager), as it may occasionally throw a wobble...

Then, simply use the built-in tools to send EPG, picons, subtitles, IPTV Player cash + buffer and so on to a USB memory stick, which you can mount as /media/usb.

Mount HDD as /media/hdd. In that case, by default, your timeshift, recording goes here! Peace! :)



That is half the setting-up done and it makes for a well prepared image! :)

Many more settings are described (and screenshots included) in my "Pretty thorough PBNIGMA guide" I mentioned above!!!

Here is a contribution to my new and forthcoming PBNIGMA v. 5.x GUIDE :D

To assign many, many buttons as you please, with the built-in tool for it:

Menu > Setup > System > User Interface > Button Setup.

1) Press a button you want to edit/modify/assign a function to (let's say YELLOW short)

2) Go through the menus of which functions you might wanna assign to this button (say, Info Bar > Show Audio selection)

3) Save > Exit (red button, I think), then > EXIT button, then try it out... ;)

4) Repeat for, say, a YELLOW LONG button (or any other of your choice) for subtitle function > Show subtitle settings > Save...

There are many good things in this PBNIGMA! From OpenPLi and OpenViX to PBNIGMA itself...

In the meantime, knock yourselves out investigating and just having fun with your new PBNIGMA!


How to make your Alien a IPTV box

How to install ffmpeg (the basis for Kodi) into PBNIGMA, thanx to SSS:

In telnet give the following commands:

cd /tmp
wget [URL][/URL]
tar -C / -xvf openatv5_sh4_ffmpeg_2.7.1.tar.gz
Now, get IPTV Player from the feeds (or the attached one, installed from /tmp the usual way): Plugins > Download Plugins > Extensions. Confirm all the suggestions, during the installation!

Restart GUI > IPTV Player > update > restart.

Then, if all is well, IPTV Player will install External Player 3.

Make sure you mount correctly your HDD and/or USB stick, using PBNIGMA's device manager...

Now > configuration of IPTV Player and set it up carefully (where to for Cache, buffering, recording, what to do with External Player 3, AAC sound to render via SW [in EP3 part]).

IPTV Player can work with or without buffering and in high or low quality, for both streaming and playback over network or from your USB devices (from MEDIA section)!

Old HW, like this, needs FFMPEG since it uses considerably less memory and then streaming simply works (say FilmOn)!!!

To get the CamD's: MENU > Plugins > Download plugins (green) > External > EXIT > get back to downloading plugins and try finding Softcam/CamD section...

OSCam EMU PBNIGMA had first for SH4:

SH4 Oscam_EMU with PowerVU supported (no keys in SoftCam.bin needed!), 11105:

Oscam 11105:

Oscam Light 11105:

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