New Kids Channel Launches in Germany


New Kids Channel Launches in Germany

Producer and distributor Your Family Entertainment has launched a new kids’ network in Germany named yourfamily, offering up content for kids of all ages.

The channel is currently available on IPTV platforms Hansenet and Arcor and Eutelsat’s Kabelkiosk service. Negotiations are underway with other platforms in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The channel’s head of programs is Wolfgang Heidrich. It will feature educational content for preschoolers, animated fare as well as family entertainment.

Announcing the launch of yourfamily, Dr. Stefan Piëch, the CEO of YFE, noted, “Besides our many years of experience in creating programs, we have the key basis for the success of a pay-TV broadcaster, namely, one of the largest libraries in Europe of TV content for children, teenagers and families, such as Fix & Foxi, Urmel and Dragon Hunters.”

YFE, formerly RTV Family Entertainment, owns some 3,500 half-hour episodes of content.

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