Murdoch: Sky ended "world of limitation"


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Murdoch: Sky ended "world of limitation"

Rupert Murdoch has outlined Sky's plans to compete in an increasingly deregulated UK broadcasting market.

In an address to shareholders at Sky's annual general meeting, Murdoch said that "British consumers enjoy better choice, better quality and better value in entertainment and communications than ever before", and added that "this is a direct result of the dynamic and competitive marketplace that Sky has helped to create".

He said that "Sky helped to bring about the end of that world of limitation and scarcity" where "people watched the programmes that the broadcasters wanted them to watch, at the times the broadcasters decided to schedule them".

In a nod towards Ofcom's increasingly light-touch approach to regulation in Britain's broadcasting marketplace, he said:

"History has shown that it is competition and free markets which deliver real, sustainable value. This is something that we should encourage and celebrate more, here in the UK. I see no reason to be fearful of allowing choice and innovation to flourish even more freely in the years ahead."

Murdoch explained that Sky's acquisition of Easynet and subsequent launch of Sky Broadband marked a turning point in "Sky's transformation into a fast growing entertainment and communications company", adding that "Sky has never been better positioned for future growth than it is today".

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