How to set up OpenPLi E2 in older HW, with limited flash and RAM


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OpenPLi images are smaller (then OE-A ones, for instance), leaner and meaner, hence more suitable for older machines like DB500HD, with smaller (only 64MB) flash memory and RAM.

Here is how I set it all up, in order to make it work reasonably well, despite its HW limitations... Feel free to correct me, please... ;)

1) After the flashing, see if you can find and delete xfs.ko and ipv6.ko (some say they are not needed in some old STB cases) here:
- /lib/modules/3.2-dm500hd/kernel/net/ipv6 and
- /lib/modules/3.2-dm500hd/kernel/fs/xfs/lib/modules/3.2-dm500hd/kernel/fs/xfs
Some fonts and languages one does not need could also be deleted...

Also, I delete the stuff I do not use/need, like:
- cable.xml, terrestrial.xml in etx/tuxbox, then
- cable and terrestrial scanning folder in /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/SystemPlugins.

See if you can delete more stuff that you are sure you will not need... Feel free to experiment - you will learn, if you pay attention.
The worst thing that can happen is E2 will not boot and you will have to start from scratch, only this time you will know what not to delete...

2) Then, I send to E2's /tmp folder the first 2 attached plugins.

a) Thanx to Dimitry from OpenPLi for Device Manager and
b ) the author of Flash Expander.

3) I also sent 2 small plugins to set paths for picons and EPG. I find them useful. They go to the above mentioned System Plugins folder.

Thanx to PowerBoard Enigma2 Team (RIP).

4) Remember, good practice is to RESTART after each change/installation! (Not in every case but better safe than sorry!)

5) Logic commands to install Device Manager first. I tested this plugin properly for Dimitrij and I can vouch it works well on OpenPLi for MIPSEL boxes!

I have a 16GB USB stick mounted internally, in the USB port inside my F500HD. It is partitioned in 2 parts,
a smaller one, which I mounted as
- /media/usb
and a bigger one, which I mounted as custom
- /media/cf partition.

5a) /media/usb is about 1.5GB and it will be used for Flash Expander ONLY!

5b) /media/cf is around 14.5 GB and it will be used for
- picons,
- EPG,
- downloading subtitles,
- buffering,
- cash for IPTV Player and alike.

5c) I will add a USB HDD as /media/hdd later, after I set up these essential functions, so the structure of E2 setup is sound and E2 has enough space to do what is necessary.

5d) Mount them as FIXED (permanent) mounts, using the red button, I think, as you'll see...

6) Flash Expander is used to expand the /usr folder to the first partition of my USB memory stick. That way 64MB flash memory becomes a lot bigger for a lot more plugins, skins, tools and so on...

When it was all done, one could read this output in Telnet (sda1 is the /media/usb, now /usr folder, with loadsa space for all you want...) :


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Here are the screenshots, to illustrate the above text... :cool:


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DB500HD will run out of RAM, even if flash is now large enough, so we better help it out by installing a SWAP plugin. I found one which works (see attached above).

Here is a little "how to"... :cool:

It will create a SWAP file on a partition of your choosing and that will be your additional "virtual RAM", which certainly helps when RAM is scarce. And given additional EPG, picons etc. - one does need it!

Remember, I mounted /media/cf for precisely that purpose. Namely, flash is too small and HDD has moving parts, so SWAP file can not/ought not go to those places.

See the images attached... ;)


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OK, here is how to send an EPG file (which can be big) to a USB stick/partition.

After you see the initial screenshot, one presses the OK button on one's remote controller, then navigates to other possible destinations and one presses the green button to save the destination... :thum:


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And here is what you do with Picons... :thum:

You get them from the net, unpack them on your PC, create a folder "picon" (without the quotation marks) and put all of them in there.

Connect with Enigma2 box using, for instance, FileZilla Client (freeware), and drag and drop the folder into your E2 mounted partition for that purpose. (It's faster to get it in MS Windows Explorer, then drag it from that window into FileZilla Client and release to the desired destination, I find...)

Then, you start the plugin/tool to direct E2 to them, like below... :)


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To set up one's RECORDING path (including TIMESHIFT path), one must change to a FILE LIST, using your remote controllers MENU button, as soon as you enter the menu for this function, as seen below.

One doesn't need to remove a bookmark, one can simply add a new one, using MENU > navigate > OK > Save buttons... :thum:


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Only now are we ready to send a channel list into our STB, download plugins, tools, skins, softcams, do the fine tuning, mess with all sorts of settings etc. :)

We shall cover that a little later... ;)


I used "Ciefp's satellite and VOD TV settings" as the basis...

But I also edited it for my setup, which includes an awesome all-round Zgemma H7S box, with 2 x DVB-S/S2 tuners and a DVB-C/T/T2 tuner:

a) UK terrestrial DVB-T/T2 services (Crystal Palace, south London transmitter), using an indoor, amplified aerial;

b ) T90 multifocal + a small, single position satellite dish

1) 39E
2) 28E
3) 23,5 E
4) 19E
5) 16E
6) 13E
7) 10 + 9E
8) 7E
9) 0.8/1W
10) 4 + 5W

Single dish:
11) 30W

Method used:

Firstly, I replaced satellites.xml included in the ciefp's lists with [email protected]'s file (E2-satellites-xml-29112017).

Then, I used Dreamset app to delete the unused satellite positions and whatever was not needed (German terrestrial services, plus PV from satellites I do not have etc.) => Save As...

Then, I used DreamboxEDIT to open the newly edited list and send it to the box => restart E2.

I then scanned the UK (Crystal Palace) terrestrial services and that automatically created a new folder in the list (Terrestrial). After that, I manually scanned satellite by satellite, for everything that I can get here, in London, with the equipment I have.

After that, I used DeamboxEDIT app to get it out of the box and save in on my PC.

Feel free to edit the Favourites as per your needs/taste, of course...

Enjoy, if anyone has the need for something like this... :cool:

Btw, I have added a smaller version of the list, without radio channels, terrestrial ones etc. Just in case, for older HW...:thum: