Heavy HD push for Kabel BW


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Heavy HD push for Kabel BW

German cable operator Kabel BW, which serves the state of Baden Würtenberg, has launched a big HD push to attract more customers.

Until January 15, new subscribers can buy the Humax PR-HD-1000 C HD cable tuners for 199 euro including a special voucher for a subscription to Premiere HD and Discovery HD.

With eight channels on the network, Kabel BW has the widest HD offer of all German operators. The channels are Pro Sieben HD, Sat.1 HD, Anixe HD, Luxe HD, HD1, HD Campus TV Premiere HD and Discovery HD.

In a related story, Kabel BW is expected to raise its basic digital subscription fee from 14.90 euro to 16.90 euro, the same as Kabel Deutschland KDG will charge in the new year.

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