BSkyB warns channels “not to repeat”


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BSkyB warns channels “not to repeat”

On Oct 3 BSkyB pulled up its drawbridge, and said it would no longer take new channels onto its digital platform. There’s worse to come.

BSkyB, in another letter to broadcasters, says effective July 1 2008 all channels had to transmit a minimum of 6 hours of original programming per day. Failure would mean the channel’s EPG listing would suspended or potentially “permanently terminated”. Spread over a week Sky said that it required no less than “24 hours of non-repeating programming in each 7 day period, and no less than 50 hours in a month’s worth of output. The limits are different for HD channels (see below).

Rapid TV News understands that objections have already been made to UK television regulator Ofcom about Sky’s withdrawal of EPG services. Ofcom said last week that it is aware of the complaints, and that “Sky intends to consult on the details of its proposed methodology for EPG listings in the near future”.

That consultation has taken the shape of a 24-page document issued on Oct 31st, and Sky outlined its new Listing Methodology for getting an EPG, effective Jan 1 2008. The bare bones of the new regime are:
(i) the relaxation of certain restrictions around the trading of EPG listings;
(ii) an increase in the minimum number of hours of non-repeating programming which services are required to broadcast;
(iii) the introduction of specific rules for the listing of HD television channels;
(iv) the introduction of a deposit policy relating to charges for EPG listings;
(v) the inclusion of rules for listing Irish public service channels; and
(vi) changes to the Subscription & Free-to-air Movies sub-genre.

The changes already have seen an end to Sky’s policy of automatically ‘reserving’ a free EPG slot for extra +1 channels in the Entertainment, Lifestyle & Culture and Kids genres. This now extends to free-to-air movie channels.

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