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Yes, a911:), of course I remeber this song - even without watching it (copyright) I could sing it on the spot.

Text in the window says: "Unfortunately this video, containing music from UMG, isn´t available in germany. The GEMA didn´t grant publishing rights. We are sorry for this."

By the way, only now I noticed, that I myself can´t watch the original first video of "Mother´s Finest - FIRE" any more. When I first found it on youtube, I still could. Sometimes I hunt on youtube for songs - if I find some that I don´t post that day, I store them in a text file (title + link). I only store links of videos that I really could watch myself, of course, but sometimes their use gets restricted or forbidden later - I didn´t control that before copying and pasting the link into my answer window.
Surprised to read, that this time not GEMA was responsible but SOFA (never heard of them before).

This time I ban GEMA on youtube (wished I could - even record companies and artists do:rolleyes:).

I won´t ban Ferret:), who usually does a good job, dale094:) - read some more of his posts to find out - perhaps both of you or only one had a bad day ... ;).
It´s no use banning him here, anyway (he usually doesn´t appear at this game and probably won´t read this).
Nearly the same counts for GEMA with the difference that they don´t do a good job:mad:.

Expecting my 3D Bluray copy of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows parts 1 + 2" to come today - should be in my post, when I´ll have finished breakfast - I´ll be anavailable this afternoon for some hours:D.
Wished Joanne K. Rowlings wrote some sequels (H.P. junior & Co.).


Don´t know why - but these books and movies were my favourites the last years. If I were allowed to take seven books with me onto an island, it would be these seven - not the books of Grisham, Crichton, Brown, Mankell, Schätzing, Funke, etc. - all good - but I like the atmosphere of Potter world most:clapping:.

Edit inserted: Doorbell rang 5 minutes ago, when I already wanted to send my post - the discs were delivered. I´m happy, because when ordering, I didn´t know from amazon description if 2D and 3D version of the movies are in the package - they are both contained - so I can watch 3D on my 3D-TV with stereo sound in my bedroom or I can watch/show the movies 2D on my 21:9 cinema-tv with 7.1 cinema sound in my living room.
Describing such luxury of choice, unieno:) is just coming to my mind. Hope he is well:thum: and only internet connection not working, but I doubt that. Read the other day that Bangkok may be given up as capitol, because catastrophes will increase

A song of which I know that it was available today:
"Moves Like Jagger" - Maroon 5 (Sam Tsui)

Comment on youtube:
''I gotta move like jagger''
In malaysia it sounds like
''Ada lembu nak jaga''
it means
I got a cow to take care


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I ban all lazybones for not posting.

[ame=""]Screamin' Jay Hawkins- I put a spell on you - YouTube[/ame]


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I have a problem watching youtube - stops and goes, its
time consuming and makes me angry.
Im having a problem with download speed, its very slow,
dont know why, also when downloading I cannot get into my mail accounts (gmail and yahoo ) and some other sites - not
all, forums I can get into. Its not only one PC but three
that show the problem:)

I need somebody competent to check everything, router -perhaps, DNS problem ? maybe,
server ? who knows -its possible :rolleyes:

No banning today :thum:


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Sorry, to hear about your probs with internet:rolleyes:, renee:).

The more sorry to say, that it would be too difficult to fix such problems from a distance or only by advice. In order to possibly help you, there must be given more information about the way you access the internet - DSL, provider, LAN, WLAN, config settings in router, which device and more. Some of the helpful information (e.g. router´s config settings) you shouldn´t ever send to anybody over the internet. So you should really ask somebody around you for help.

In case, nobody knows advice, perhaps a Fritz!Box (if you do not already have one) could help you to get a better connection without computer experts being around.
In its config menu, the Fritz!Box shows you the quality of your DSL line (if you have one) or disturbing influences on your WLAN by surrounding WLAN networks in your neighbourhood (so you can choose the best WLAN channel possible in your area).
The Box may give you more stable connection just by running in automatic mode (tries to use settings optmized for your DSL line/provider), but I´m not sure, if DSL provider presets for spain are included in the box (ask a dealer, who sells the box).
I just Googled. The box (mine is the FB 7270) can be used with five languages (including spanish). There exists a provider list for Namibia, so there should be Spain as well.

If the quality of your line is bad, the box will show this and you may complain at your provider´s hotline.


I hereby ban bad DSL line:D.
No vid today:D.


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Yes, thank yoiu ararat, I read about the
Stephen was here and checked my down and upload speed, Im supposed to have 6 mb
(which I had until three weeks ago) and now I have .04 :rolleyes:

and I believe I know what happened, a company Iberiatel in the Canaries (owned by a German :rolleyes: that I made a tel. contract with and then cancelled, the reason I made the deal was that they promised to lower Tel/Internet fees, just after cancellation my speed was gone - they must have
some deal with a technical guy at the spanish tel company that ordered or made my line
lower and since it says up to 6mb s - they are legal. I cant prove it it, but Im sure
that is what happened as I never had that problem before.
I will get 10mbs fixed soon, maybe tomorrow but for sure next week.
As to that company - badmouthing them whenever I can, might help.

No banning today - its chrsitmas time - enjoy your evening all :thum:

(btw. the last time I was here I answered with a long story, ararat and totally forgat to copy my answer, I lost it - I was so angry at myself that I just left :) )


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Back from my christmas journey. Reached my destination with a delicate virus infection (norovirus - outbreak on first christmas day). I spent most of christmas time in bed or bath and was very weak for some time.
Returned by train wearing diapers (Really!), not daring to drink or eat. My sister who had intended to drive me home couldn´t, because she got ill as well and had to lie in bed for some days.
When I got well after some days, I was too busy to post here on SU - always many things to be done at the beginning of a new year.

Hope you´ve got a better DSL line now, renee:).
If you want to know the quality of your DSL line, you can test it on - the result shows you how good the connection is, when your line is used with your operating system (windows). The line itself may be better (In a fritzbox you could see the real maximum speed of your line).
If windows/MacOs/Linux/Unix are not configured well, the result may be lower than the possible connection speed.
E.g. my line has 17000 kbit/s download speed and 1100 upload speed maximum - but under windows I only get average

Download: 14980 kbit/sec
Upload : 1056 kbit/sec
Connections : 1674 conn/min
Ping Test: 32 ms

, though. (I didn´t do the speedtests on my Macs until now)

I´m very curious how my own internet connection will be from 9th of january onwards. I ordered a cheaper flatrate from my provider. Will only pay 39 € instead of 54 € per month in future. Only difference (hopefully same line quality): No hotspot flatrate, no safety package included. Never ever needed the hotspot flatrate and Norton Internet Security is available at Amazon for 24,70 € (got it today). So I will be more than 150 € better off this year than I was before.

Will have to come to an end, now.
Want to drive my car to a garage today - get new tires (~ 400 €) and have tooth belt replaced (between 250 € and 750 € depending on car model - I will get more information this afternoon).
Will need a general inspection service in april + oil changed + TÜV (german 2 year allowance to drive a car, when its been approved to be safe).
Expensive year - 2012:rolleyes:.

No ban today:).
Time for breakfast:).
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So you banned me, ig0r:). I had no drink New Year night (was ill). Must have been the first time within the last 30 years.

Now I ban you too, ig0r, because you didn´t even ask anybody here on SU to drink with you that night:D:D:D.

[ame=""]We`ll drink a drink song - YouTube[/ame]


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Im sorry Ararat, that you got sick over Christmas, but Im glad that you got out
Of your house for a while, getting away from home , even for a bit and even when sick, gives one
a different perspective.
How did you get to your sister ? Did she pick you up or did you also go by train ? And who
fed Pueppi ? I hope she is ok :thum:

Yes, I did test with speedtest - I still have below 1 even though they promised to give me 6mb’s,
I will wait what the bill will be next month and if it is higher , I will complain again.
Im paying around 54 Euros for 0.6 and upload speed even less, Telefonica and
all other Tel companies are robbers, if there would be a way to cheat them, I would do it
and not feel guilty about it. I wish they had these flat rates here also, at least some that
are cheaper and give me more speed.
There was a man in Holland some time ago (about 10 years) that discovered a way to get a superfast
Internet connection through the electricity line - he had nothing written down, all in his head,
he said it was quite easy to do it but then
he had a heart attack and died - there is a whole story about this man, its very mysterious
and many believe that he got killed. Oh yeah, some big companies knew about his discovery .

I hope your car will last you for a long long time , I had one tire repaired and have had no
Problem since – here we do not need winter tyres – which is a big saving.

Its late, got to go to bed, no banning :)

A good day all tomorrow :thum:


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I´m late already, now that I start posting, but wanted to wish everybody a nice weekend:thum:.

Will have to make a backup of my pc after this post and next have to replace my Norton Internet Security 2011 (online version) program by DVD version 2012. Hopefully no problems will arise as often, when security programs are being replaced:rolleyes:.

Thank you for asking, renee:). Sister picked me up at home with her car. I had to take the train back because I couldn´t rely on her being healthy again early enough (before my travel stock of medicine would have been used up). If I had waited with my trip back home until the last day up to which my medical supply would have been guaranteed, in order to let my sister drive me, she may still have been to weak. Besides she would have had to drive back to her home on new year´s eve day. So I insisted on taking the train.
(No comfortable intercity connection - only regional train - hard seats - my osteoporosis back ached for three days.)

Püppi was fed by my neighbour, Elisabeth. Püppi is well, but not too much. She´s getting apparently fat (being fed too much in the neighbourhood - I can´t stop that) and more shy the older she gets. Luckily she doesn´t have to bear a hard winter this year. Seems as if it won´t get too cold (more rain than snow) - but winter is not over, yet.

Sorry to hear your internet connection is that low. Perhaps you may be able to optimize it with this software a little bit? (freeware - german language).

Yes, robbers they are:rolleyes:, renee. The companies all want our best = our money;).
You´re right - many good inventions are being kept secret, because they don´t raise enough money. If is good, but doesn´t cost enough, the companies find a way to make it more expensive. E.g. if you buy an electric city car that doesn´t need oil, very seldom replacement of parts and only few inspections, then you will have to pay for "leasing" of the battery - they won´t let you buy one cheap, they want their regular income and therefor you have to pay. Long distance electric cars are being sold very expensively and you have to use the (valuable) "service" of battery replacement stations, when the battery is low during a journey. They could develop better batteries (or already know how to produce them), but why should they, if they earn less money with those?

My car will be more expensive this year, than I guessed. Replacing tooth belt (800 €), oil change (50 €) and tires (400 €) - I will have to pay more than 1200 € coming wednesday. The car will be fixed then, because they need a whole day for that. I had to make an appointment for an installation date.
I´ll have main inspection + TÜV only in April. My neighbour advised me to wait until then, because otherwise I would have to have main TÜV inspection always in january - and it may not always be only raining then, like this year.

Must come to an end and ignore other (Claudias) games today and tomorrow (get visited tomorrow) - too busy. Hopefully some time on monday again.

Hope all of you are well and had a good start of 2012:):thum:.

Roy Orbison - Pretty Woman (From "Live At Austin City Limits")

[ame=""]Roy Orbison - Pretty Woman (From "Live At Austin City Limits") - YouTube[/ame]


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Thank you for the link, ararat :thum:

I had to wait until yesterday that I got a good internet connection
as well as a normal (without noise) telephone line.
Apparantly my line to the cable box in the street was damaged, so they changed wires, like I might have no.7
and got no 10, there are 25 connections in that box.
It feels good not to worry in the morning if I would get a connection or not.

I hope your car is perfect now and that the repair shop did
good work :thum: Your neighbor is right in suggesting the TUF in April , its warmer than also, I always let the
repairshop go there, if TUF complains about something,
the Repair shop has to fix it and go back, for me thats worth the money.

Weather is still great here, sunny during the day - the nights are cold - which is ok,
no banning - or maybe I ban myself for not coming into
forum as much as I like to :)


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Good to hear, your internet/telephone connection is o.k. now, renee:):thum:.

Yes, TÜV in april, renee. I´ll let the repairshop do it, as I always did (~ 90 €).

My new repairshop (before I always let my expensive car dealer do all jobs) satisfied me more than I had expected.
I expected a bill about more than 1200 € (bid said so) to be paid on return of my car, but then got surprised by having to pay "only" 859 € for change of tooth chain plus oil change plus new all weather tires.
The master craftsman had decided not to change the "water pump" that usually gets replaced when a new tooth chain gets installed. He said it was not necessary, because my car had only run few kilometers. So the price fell:).
That´s why I had enough money left that I could afford to buy that horribly expensive "unicable capable" satfinder for 555 €, which I mentioned on "Who wants to be the last poster".
But now I have to take care not to spend more money until april. (... and perhaps better not buy so much dispensable stuff at all in the future;)).

We´ve got ugly weather here:rolleyes:. Won´t risk to change position of my sat dish on my balcony the next days - despite possession of my new excellent satfinder. I will wait for calm, stable weather, although I know I could optimize the signal still a little bit, because now it´s only 97 % tuned in and I once had it on full 100% for some seconds until bad weather made sat search impossible.

Finished playing my computer game "Portal 2" (went through it thhree times). Nice game:D - you have to think and not to shoot - find your way out of rooms with traps that a mad computer mind layed out for you in order to kill you. (You always resurrect automatically, in case you make deadly mistakes).

[ame=""]Portal 2 - YouTube[/ame]

Yesterday I downloaded a demo of a new pc game named "Q.U.B.E.". No description needed how to play it, you easily find out while playing. Reminds of "Portal 2", but it´s not using portals and has no additional story - only rooms and riddles to be solved by manipulating objects with both hands. Maybe I´ll buy the full version (13,99 € at STEAM shop), when I´m through with the demo.

[ame=""]QUBE - Demo Video - YouTube[/ame]

It´s getting late. Time for breakfast - I´m hungry, already:D.
I ban a911:) and unieno:) for not posting here for so long:nana:.


Hi! how are you,all?:clapping:
Yes,been away for longtime,and banning myself for not posting,also.
Just got back from place where on internet,so boring.:(
Now,life is backed to normal,I hope.


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Good to see you´re back, unieno:).

Many of us seem to be busy for some time (the last weeks, at least) but hopefully not for all times;).

Is your home dry again and did you have an insurance? I hope you didnt have to pay for all the damage yourself:mecry:.
Most important, of course, is that beloved family members were not harmed. The best we ever are gifted with is family and friends, not money or houses (it´s nice to have both:D).

Frosty winter has come up here since yesterday.
Got icy cold fingers when yesterday I one more time adjusted my sat dish. The dish was perfectly well adjusted before, but I wanted to lay a new poriferous rubber protection mat between the dish stand and my wooden balcony floor. The new mat should dry more quickly after heavy rainfall than the before used balcony carpet did (it always stayed wet for a very long time - not good for the wooden floor.)
So I have my own water problem, too, unieno:rolleyes: - but mine is not as extreme as your´s was;).


Installed an old computer game yesterday (played it 2008 already and it´s a game from 2004 - "Thief III"). Won´t buy the game "Q.U.B.E.".
I played the "Q.U.B.E." demo and compared to "Portal2" I found the game boring. No real surprises, monotonous rooms, no story, only riddles. When you have solved a riddle, you still need to jump correctly without seeing the floor - so one sometimes jumps too early or too late and therefore has to repeat actions until one´s jump timing is correct. In "Portal 2" you see, you aim, you hit. In "Q.U.B.E." you don´t see, you guess, you miss. I don´t like that.

So I´ll play "Thief III" once more. (Video example is of very poor quality.)

[ame=""]Thief III: Deadly Shadows - Shalebridge Cradle 4 - YouTube[/ame]

Perhaps I´ll play "Splinter Cell - Double Agent" (I´ve got four Splinter Cell games. 1-4. Double Agent is 4.) after that again.

[ame=""]Walkthrough for Splinter Cell: Double Agent Mission 3 part2 - YouTube[/ame]

Or I´ll Buy "Splinter Cell - Conviction" (5).

[ame=""]Splinter Cell Conviction: Stealth Feature - YouTube[/ame]

I like such sneaking games. I always play games of a certain genre for some times and then have to change (role play, sneaking, ego shooter, riddle, adventure, etc.). At the moment I´m just not in the mood for role play or ego shooters.

Well, I hope I´ll have some more time for computer games again. Didn´t play so much the last months ...

I ban myself for such a long post:D
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ararat i give to you a double bann because your post is true so long :)

Welcome back unieno


Thank you Ararat,Ig0r.:thum:
I don't have Flood Insurance only for Fire Insurance.
There were some damages only the stuff,but no need to cry for it.Life moves on.There are two errors cause by human and nature.But mostly from Human.:mad:
I heard Mr.Water might come again,so We are ready. :nana: