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Post True Movies / True Movies 2 - 04th December

True Movies / True Movies 2 - 04th December

Eurobird 1 - 28.5E

11343V SYM:27500 FEC 2/3

SID52320 VPID2306 APID2307 Eng


True Movies

06:30 Getting Gotti (Film)

Mob drama about a notorious 'Teflon Jon', John Gotti and the prosecutor who vowed to finally bring him to justice.

Starring: Lorraine Bracco, Anthony John Denison, Kathleen Laskey, August Schellenberg, Kenneth Welsh, Jeremy Ratchford. Director: Roger Young.
(Made For TV, 1994, 15, 3 Star)

08:30 Rise and Walk: The Dennis Byrd Story (Film)

The inspiring true story of an American Football hero who battled a paralyzing injury sustained during a game.

Starring: Peter Berg, Kathryn Morris, Wolfgang Bodison, Johann Carlo, Steve Fitchpatrick, Patrick Warburton. Director: Michael Dinner. (Made For TV, 1994, PG, 3 Star)

10:30 Runaway Car (Film)

Based on a true story. A trainee nurse, a skateboarder, an internet business man and a baby are trapped in a speeding car that no one seems able to stop.

Starring: Judge Reinhold, Nina Siemaszko, Brian Hooks, Paul Eiding, Glenn Morshower, Brian Reddy. Director: Jack Sholder. (Made For TV, 1996, PG, 2 Star)

12:30 Someone to Love Me (Film)

Based on a true story. Lonely and depressed after her fathers death, a girl seeks solace in sex. But when she is raped, she must prove her innocence against accusations of promiscuity.

Starring: Lynda Carter, Jessica Bowman, Scott Foley, Julie Patzwald, Andrea Nemeth, Malcolm Stewart. Director: Chuck Bowman. (Made For TV, 1998, 2 Star)

14:30 The Kansas City Massacre (Film)

Based on a true story. After a notorious prison break, in which gangsters shoot dead several law enforcement agents, the FBI launches a relentless campaign to hunt down the killers.

Starring: Dale Robertson, Bo Hopkins, Scott Brady, Matt Clark, John Karlen, Lynn Loring. Director: Dan Curtis. (1975, 3 Star)

16:30 Moment of Truth: To Walk Again (Film)

The true story of two parents who took on the American military to get their son the care he needed when he became paralysed during a marines training session.

Starring: Blair Brown, Ken Howard, Cameron Bancroft, Carmen Argenziano, Gabrielle Miller, Joely Collins. Director: Randall Zisk. (Made For TV, 1994, PG, 3 Star)

18:30 Sinking Of The Rainbow Warrior (Film)

Based on a true story. A starry re-telling of the notorious sinking in 1984 of the Greenpeace flagship The Rainbow Warrior during a protest against French nuclear tests in the Pacific.

Starring: Jon Voight, Sam Neill, Bruno Lawrence, Kerry Fox, John Callen, Stacey Pickren. Director: Michael Tuchner. (1992, PG, 3 Star)

20:30 The Amy Fisher Story (Film)

Based On A True Story: Drew Barrymore takes the title role in this version of the oft-filmed story of Amy Fisher, who became America's most notorious teen when she shot her lover's wife.

Starring: Drew Barrymore, Anthony John Denison. Director: Andy Tennant. (Made For TV, 1993)

22:30 To Catch a Killer (Film)

Brian Dennehy stars in this true story of the cat-and-mouse pursuit of one of America's most diabolical serial killers.

Starring: Brian Dennehy, Michael Riley, Margot Kidder, Meg Foster, Martin Julien, Scott Hylands. Director: Eric Till. (1992, 15, 4 Star)

02:30 Visions of Terror (Film)

Based on a true story. When a San Francisco policeman is murdered, a psychic woman experiences mental flashes that may solve the case.

Starring: Barbara Eden, Ted Marcoux, Missy Crider, Joan Pringle, Steven Anthony Jones, David Marciano. Director: Sam Pillsbury. (Made For TV, 1994, PG, 2 Star)

04:00 83 Hours 'Til Dawn (Film)

Based on a true story. A young girl is kidnapped and buried alive in a capsule whilst her captors demand a ransom for her release. Can the authorities get to her before it's too late?

Starring: Peter Strauss, Robert Urich, Paul Winfield, Elizabeth Gracen, Kevin Kilner, Shannon Wilcox. Director: Donald Wrye. (Made For TV, 1990, 12, 3 Star)


True Movies 2

11343V SYM:27500 FEC 2/3

SID52325 VPID2308 APID2309 Eng

06:00 Video Voyeur: The Susan Wilson Story (Film)

It was 'virtual stalking' - a sleazy act and a gross violation of privacy. But it wasn't a crime - until one woman's traumatic experiences made her fight for a change in the law.

Starring: Angie Harmon, Jamey Sheridan, Dale Midkiff, Tegan Moss, Teryl Rothery, Linda Darlow. Director: Tim Hunter. (Made For TV, 2002, 12, 3 Star)

08:00 Big Bear (Film)

When Canadian officials insist that Cree chief Big Bear lead his people off their Buffalo-rich homeland, he refuses to sacrifice his tribe's independence. Based on a true story.

12:00 Switching Parents (Film)

A 12 year old makes legal history by becoming the first minor to file a case on his own behalf to be 'divorced' from his biological parents. Based on a true story.

Starring: Bill Smitrovich, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Kathleen York. Director: Linda Otto. (1993, 12, 2 Star)

14:00 Any Mother's Son (Film)

Based on a true story. On shore leave in Japan, Navy Seaman Allen Schindler is killed by his fellow seaman simply for being gay. The Navy tries to hush up the incident, but his mother wants justice.

Starring: Bonnie Bedelia, Hedy Burress, Paul Popowich, Fiona Reid, Shawn Ashmore, Mimi Kuzyk. Director: David Burton Morris. (Made For TV, 1997, 3 Star)

16:00 Sad Inheritance (Film)

For years Christina Kinsey has led a seemingly hopeless battle against her drug addiction. But now she has a real purpose in life: to go clean and regain custody of her child.

Starring: Susan Dey, Lorraine Toussaint, D.W. Moffett, Kathleen York, Guy Boyd, Andy Romano. Director: Rod Hardy. (Made For TV, 1993, 15, 3 Star)

18:00 A Murderous Affair (Film)

A sultry temptress and a married man: this is the lethal combination that proves a perfect match for murder.

Starring: Virginia Madsen, William H. Macy. Director: Martin Davidson (1992, 12, 2 Star)

20:00 The Heart of The Lie (Film)

Was 'Bambi' Bembenek a calculating, cold-blooded killer? Or simply the victim of envy and prejudice?

Starring: Timothy Busfield, Lindsay Frost, John Karlen, Linda Blair, James Sloyan, Kathleen Garrett. Director: Jerry London. (1992, PG, 2 Star)

22:00 Something to Live For: The Alison Gertz Story (Film)

Based on a true story. One careless moment of passion changed Alison Gertz's life forever. But she turned tragedy into a personal crusade.

Starring: Molly Ringwald, Lee Grant, Perry King, Roxana Zal, George Coe, Christopher Meloni. Director: Tom McLoughlin. (Made For TV, 1992, 3 Star)

00:00 The Matthew Shepard Story (Film)

Based on a true story. Stockard Channing and Sam Waterston star as a couple who are forced to deal with the senseless loss of their son to a hate crime.

Starring: Stockard Channing, Shane Meier, Sam Waterston, Kristen Thomson, Joseph Ziegler, Yani Gellman. Director: Roger Spottiswoode. (Made For TV, 2002, 3 Star)

02:00 Things Behind the Sun (Film)

Based on a true story. Haunted by the past, a young singer and a rock journalist attempt to reconcile their shared experience of a violent crime.

Starring: Aria Alpert, Ruben Anders, Rosanna Arquette, Mitchell Boshnack, Owen Butler, Caitlin Caldwell. Director: Allison Anders. (2001, 15, 4 Star)

03:30 Muhammad Ali: King of the World (Film)

This is the true life story of the transformation of a shy young man called Cassius Clay, as he becomes the audacious boxing legend Muhammed Ali.

Starring: Terrence Howard, Steve Harris, Chi McBride, Vyto Ruginis, Gary Dourdan, Carmen Argenziano. Director: John Sacret Young. (Made For TV, 2000, PG, 2 Star)

Regards Satdude.