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Post Transponder update 22.10.07

Transponder update 22.10.07


Hellas Sat 2 - 39.0E

An NTN test card has started in the Ukrkosmos package on 11512H BISS SYM:30000 FEC 7/8 SID1 VPID4113 APID4114 Ukr

GŁnAz TV has started in the Ukrkosmos package on 11512H clear SYM:30000 FEC 7/8 SID14 VPID4417 APID4418

REN TV (0h) has left 11512H

REN TV (-1h) has started in the Ukrkosmos package on 11512H clear SYM:30000 FEC 7/8 SID10 VPID4353 APID4354

Eutelsat W4 - 36.0E

Pershiy Nacionalniy has left 12360R

EuroBird 1 - 28.5E

JJB Sports TV has started in the Sky Digital package on 11307V SYM:27500 FEC 2/3 SID53315 VPID2345 APID2346 Eng

Simply has left 11307V

Eurobird 2 - 25.5E

Stock TV has started regular programming in the Noorsat package on 11661V SYM:27500 FEC 3/4 SID162 VPID421 APID422 Rra

Eutelsat W2 - 16.0E

JLTV Jewish Life TV has started programming in the RRSat Global Network package on 11276H SYM:11100 FEC 5/6

Sport Klub Slovenia is now encrypted in Videogu'ard on 12728V SYM:26050 FEC 2/3 SID24 VPID2401 APID2402 Slo

Rrokum has left 12728V

Hot Bird 7A - 13.0E

Religia TV has started on 11449H 8PSK / MPEG-4 / Con'ax SYM:27500 FEC 2/3 SID15004 VPID515 APID615

Hot Bird 8 - 13.0E

Kontakt Chance has started in the package TSA on 11785H clear SYM: 27500 FEC 3/4 SID9 VPID524 APID525

Amos 2 - 4.0W

TV Neptun has started testing on 11650H clear, SYM: 21351 FEC 3/4 SID2 VPID410 APID411 Rom

A Trinitas TV test card has started on 11650H clear SYM:21351 FEC 3/4

New Symbol Rate for Adisam Telecom mux with B1 TV, GoodLife Channel, MTV Romania, Senso and Telesport (Romania) on 11650H SYM:21351 FEC 3/4

Atlantic Bird 1 - 12.5W

A Fox Crime Russia promo has started on 11175V clear SYM:2857 FEC 3/4 SID711 VPID7111 APID7112 Rus

NSS 7 - 22.0W

A new feed has started on 3694R SYM:5630 FEC 3/4

Intelsat 905 - 24.5W

NDTV 24x7 in the package World TV is now encrypted in Ird'eto 2 on 11675V SYM:27500 FEC 3/4 SID16 VPID2601 APID2611 Eng

NSS 806 - 40.5W

New perameters for the Global Media Telecommunications package on 4185L

Regards Satdude.
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