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Smackdown Friday January 12th, 2007
Submitted by Rudi Pavani on Friday, January 12, 2007 at 9:16 PM EST

G'day fellow Smackdown aficionados and welcome to this weeks episode of Smackdown. My name's Rudi and my email is ([email protected]) if you'd like to leave feedback. Apologies from last week and the total muck up with the power outage and the bad review. It's certainly not my style as I like to give you all as much info as possible! News from the rumour mill is that Daivari is coming to Smackdown from ECW to bolster up the cruiserweight ranks. That is not a bad move in my opinion and RAW certainly got the bad end of the stick with The Great Khali going there. Speaking of which RAW was such a shambles this week and Smackdown can actually benefit this week if it stays on track!! On with the show!

A quick recap from last week:
Kane beat Chavo Guerrero in 7 minutes and 53 seconds in the first of the Sprint matches
Paul London and Brian Kendrick failed to beat that time in their match up
King Booker beat Gregory Helms in 6 minutes and 24 seconds to be the contender so far to face Batista
Ashley beat Jillian Hall in a match up that wasn't for the Sprint
Jimmy Wang Yang and Tatanka failed to beat the Booker time and Yang was beaten down by Tatanka after their match
Vickie Guerrero is interviewed backstage and apparently is angry not only at Benoit but Chavo as well as the fans who she feels have all turned their back on her.
Mr. Kennedy beat Benoit in 5 minutes and 7 seconds to be the no 1 contender for the match against Batista at the Royal Rumble


We being the show with a recap of the Beat the Clock Sprint with highlights of the matches from last week which ended up with Mr. Kennedy being ahead with a time of 5:07. We're then given the opening video and the show is coming to us from Peoria, Illinois.

The music of Finlay hits as he makes his way down to the ring. Who is his opponent in the Beat the Clock Sprint match tonight? It's Matt Hardy who comes down to the ring to a nice pop from the crowd. We're given a shot of Mr. Kennedy backstage watching intently to see if anyone can beat his time. He's asked if anyone can beat his time and he certainly doesn't think so tonight.

Match 1: Finlay vs. Matt Hardy in a Beat the Clock Sprint match
As Matt Hardy is removing his top he's jumped by Finlay who knocks him out of the ring and goes out after him. Finlay slams the back of Hardy against the apron and then tosses him back into the ring and goes after him, working on his back. The action is quick as Finlay tries to take the advantage and get an early pin. The crowd starts up a Hardy chant and he attempts a comeback but he's quickly subdued by Finlay who goes for a pin but Hardy kicks out. He tries to bodyslam Hardy but he rolls Finlay up and attempts a cover but it's broken by Finlay. It's Hardy though now with the advantage as he forces Finlay into the corner throwing punches at him. An Irish whip across the ring is followed up by a clothesline and a bulldog by Hardy as the crowd go crazy!! Hardy goes for the pin but only for a two count and it's less than 4 minutes left in the match as Finlay manages to take control as we're shown Kennedy watching the match on a monitor backstage. Finlay pushes Hardy into the ropes and headbutts him in the midsection and goes for the cover unsuccessfully again. Another Hardy chant as Finlay continues to be in charge of the match as he applies a submission hold to the arm of Hardy and tries to roll him up for the pin again.

It's Hardy now in the corner who lashes out at Finlay and regains control with 3 minutes to go into the match! Hardy whips Finlay into the corner but Finlay stops himself from crashing into it with a boot on the turnbuckle. He bounces back into the middle of the ring only to connect with Hardy who was coming at him and both wrestlers are on the canvas and feeling the effects of the collision. A double count out which is broken at the count of 7 as both wrestlers get to the feet. They lock up with Hardy twisting Finlay around and bringing his shoulders to the canvas with a back slide but only for a two count! It's Hardy now with a side effect! Another 2 count and less that 2 minutes. Another side effect and another kick out by Finlay! Hardy tries for a third but Finlay elbows his way out of it and both wrestlers try to regain control of the match. An attempted whip by Hardy into the corner is reversed by Finlay who gets a kick to the midsection as he follows up! Hardy with another kick from the corner and flattens Finlay and he climbs the ropes! It's time for Lil' Bastard to make his appearance and distracts Hardy who goes after him! This gives Finlay a chance to grab the shillelagh and with the referee's back turned in dealing with the pesky little leprechaun, Finlay takes out the leg of Hardy! An attempted cover by Finlay is broken by Hardy and Finlay locks in a leg submission maneuver with 30 seconds left in the match. A Hardy chant but Finlay locks in the leg submission maneuver again as the clock counts down to zero and Hardy hasn't submitted and this match is over!

Finlay and Hardy fought to a no contest in 5:07
Rudi's rating ** 1/2
Rudi's rant - A nice match up and I'd be interested in seeing these two have a longer match. With the format it was going to be a lot of to and fro between the wrestlers with any given attempts for a pin but it was a nice way to start the show.

After the match Finlay continues with the leg lock on Hardy as we see Kennedy out back counting his lucky stars. All of a sudden wearing a face mask Mercury is in the ring and he assaults Hardy who is still in the clutches of Finlay! Mercury jumps out of the ring and comes back in with a chair and whacks Hardy in the head with it as Finlay still doesn't let go of the hold! Mercury sets the head of Hardy in the chair and exits the ring and climbs the ropes looking to squash Hardy but can't as a bunch of referees and officials rush into the ring and block him from doing so! Mercury is forced to leave the ring and argues with the referees, kicks the steel steps and heads towards the back as we get a replay of him trying to set Hardy up.

Commercial break...

Back from commercial and Mercury is being interviewed by Kristal who when asks him what happened out there is told that there will be no rest until Hardy's face looks like his.

Back out front and Jimmy Wang Yang is making his way to the ring for the next match. It's Yang in a rematch against Tatanka from last week where they fought to a no contest in the Sprint match and then Tatanka took to him after the match beating down on him. The music of Tatanka now hits as he swaggers his way to the ring staring down at Yang before slowly entering the ring.

Match 2: Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Tatanka
The referee calls for the bell and Yang charges at Tatanka taking him down and beating on him before Tatanka pushes him away. It's Yang with the faster speed ducking a swipe from Tatanka and giving him a dropkick and second before sending him out of the ring with a kick to the back of the head! Yang through the ropes calls on Tatanka to get back into the ring which he does so slowly and they lock up and Yang is forced into the corner by the stronger power of Tatanka. Tatanka tries to blindside Yang in the corner who ducks out of it and takes up the assault again on Tatanka. An Irish whip into the corner by Yang on Tatanka forces him down to his knees but as he moves in, Tatanka takes him by the tights and slingshots Yang into the middle turnbuckle! It's Tatanka now who straddles Yang beating into him before slamming him onto the canvas and making the attempted pin. Tatanka chokes Yang against the ropes and then delivers an elbow drop to the sternum of Yang, follows up with a suplex and another attempted pin.

Yang attempts a comeback knocking Tatanka into the ropes and delivering a chop which is echoed by the crowd present before whipping Tatanka across the ring. He telegraphs the attempt of a back body drop and is given a kick to the midsection by the lumbering Tatanka. Tatanka then takes him down with a big chop to the throat and catches his breath as he picks up Yang and hangs him from the corner and delivers kicks to the gut before walking away and then charging in with a big shoulder block into Yang who falls down to the canvas. Tatanka drags him to the middle of the ring and applies a chin lock on Yang who after a few seconds manages to get to his haunches and drop to the canvas smashing the jaw of Tatanka against his skull! Yang with a number of kicks to the hamstring of Tatanka knocks him to the canvas before going to work on the leg of Tatanka who just elbows Yang and then takes him down with a kick to the head. Another chin lock by Tatanka and another slamming the jaw of Tatanka into his skull. The wrestlers now go toes to toe with Yang taking advantage with a swinging neckbreaker on Tatanka and an attempted pin. A lateral press by Yang and another attempted pin to no avail. Yang with the attempted whip across the ropes reversed by Tatanka who kicks him in the midsection and then himself is met by a spinning heel kick from Yang as he comes off the ropes! An attempted pin again but to no avail! Yang now slams the head of Tatanka into the turnbuckle and knocks and then attempts a cross body but is caught by Tatanka who spins him and clotheslines him into the canvas! It's a three count and this one is over!

Tatanka defeated Jimmy Wang Yang in 6 minutes.
Rudi's rating **
Rudi's rant - I'm not sure if Smackdown will continue with this feud much though I could be mistaken I suppose. Jimmy Wang Yang's high moves are a bit wasted against the lumbering Tatanka whose thighs seems to grow bigger each week! It served the purpose this match however of clearing up the no contest from last week in the Sprint match.

After the match we see Tatanka staggering up the rampway as Yang is shown in the ring clasping his head as we get a replay of the winning move.

Commercial break...

Back from commercial and we're welcomed back to Smackdown by Maryse speaking French and entering a steaming shower. Rudi's rant - now obviously these welcome backs by Maryse are all pre taped and just look so out of place on the show? Surely they could at least have her backstage or something doing something a bit more useful

We've now got a video recap of the ladder match last month at Armageddon where London and Kendrick retained their Tag Team Championships and then we're brought back to them talking backstage where they are approached by Regal and Taylor. Regal comments that tonight their match isn't a ladder match, but a wrestling match and he asks London if he knows what that is before slapping him on the shoulder and walking off with Taylor. London and Kendrick look at where they have gone as we're brought back to ringside with JBL and Cole discussing briefly the Tag titles before discussing the rematch between Benoit and Mr. Kennedy as we're shown Benoit walking through backstage.

Commercial break...

Back from commercial and we have Mr. Kennedy making his way to ring. In the ring the mic comes down, he introduces himself as the man who will win the sprint and face Batista at the Royal Rumble. We get a video recap of the match last week and Kennedy's win. We're then given the music of Benoit as he makes his way down to the ring and glares at Mr. Kennedy as he gives his title to the referee.

Match 3: Mr. Kennedy vs. Christ Benoit in a non title match
We begin the match with Benoit straight on the offensive taking it to Mr. Kennedy and slamming his head into the turnbuckle then as Kennedy staggers away does the same to him with the next turnbuckle. An Irish whip across the ring follows with a back body drop. Benoit takes him and slams his head into the turnbuckle again before working on the back of the head of Kennedy. A snap suplex by Benoit and an attempted pin but Kennedy powers out of it at the count of 1. Kennedy with a moment's breather has time to go on the offensive as Benoit approaches him and unloads with a flurry of punches before whipping Benoit across the ring and taking him down with a high elbow. The offensive has changed though just as quickly Benoit wins it back with a German suplex on Kennedy. It's time now for Kennedy to exit the ring for a breather though Benoit follows him out and pushes him back into the ring. A body slam and an elbow drop and an attempted pin by Benoit. Kennedy is clever though as when Benoit comes for him again he takes a handful of tights and yanks Benoit through the ropes and onto the floor!

It's the turn of Kennedy now to follow Benoit out the ring and slam his head against the apron. He does it again before pushing him back inside the ring and attempting the cover. At attempted elbow drop after a body slam is unsuccessful for Kennedy but he maintains the advantage for a brief time before Benoit takes him over with a front suplex and stalks Kennedy across the ring. It's German suplex time... not 1, not 2 but 3 of them and Kennedy is flat on his back as Benoit makes to get ready to come off the ropes with his signature move before being distracted by Chavo Guerrero who has come onto stage...

Commercial break...

Back from commercial and Chavo is at the commentary desk and Kennedy has Benoit in an abdominal stretch. JBL and Michael Cole spend time discussing Vickie Guerrero with Chavo as in the ring Benoit breaks the hold and takes to Kennedy with chops. Benoit it taking it to Kennedy with right hands and then suplexes Kennedy over the rope, taking himself out in the process. The referee checks on them to make sure they're okay before beginning a count on them as they both get up and take to each other with punches with Kennedy gaining the advantage and throwing Benoit back into the ring. Kennedy launches Benoit into the corner face first and attempts a pin. No luck there so he takes to the midsection of Benoit with knees and locks an abdominal stretch on him using the top rope for leverage before he's seen by referee. Benoit is on the canvas so Kennedy drops the elbow on him and attempts the cover again. Only a two count this time as well. Kennedy continues to assault Benoit and is picked up and dropped gut first over the top rope and onto the apron. We have Kennedy having a quick breather before coming into Benoit again and from the apron trying to slam his head into the turnbuckle post. Benoit blocks it with his foot though and then takes to Kennedy with a number of punches before slamming him into the turnbuckle!

Kennedy staggers towards the middle of the ring and Benoit climbs the ropes from the apron but Kennedy is quicker and rushes into Benoit and punches him causing himself to crotch himself on the corner! *ouch* It's Kennedy now climbing the ropes and he superplexes Benoit back into the ring!! The crowd is enjoying this match up! Both wrestlers are on the canvas catching a breather before Kennedy almost gets the 3 count on Benoit. Kennedy goes after Benoit again but it surprise by a quick move from Benoit trying to put the Crippler Crossface on him! Kennedy is quick though and rolls across the ring and out coming up against the announcer's table. After a quick breather he reenters the ring and approaches Benoit who out of nowhere sweeps him off of his feet and tries to put the Sharpshooter on him. Kennedy lands blow after blow on Benoit and finally kicks Benoit away before he can lock the hold in! What a good match this one is! Attempted pins by Kennedy to no avail. He lands a backbreaker on Benoit but only gets another two count. He give Benoit another and keeps Benoit there, pressing him backwards against his knee. Benoit finally manages to get out of it and tries once again for the Crossface but Kennedy rolls out of the ring again.

Kennedy again after a breather reenters the ring and swipes at Benoit who ducks under the blow and grabs Kennedy and offloads with another 3 German suplexes much to the crowd's delight! Benoit climbs to the top rope and connects on Kennedy with the Flying Headbutt but he's dazed by it as well and both wrestlers get a five count before Benoit manages to cover Kennedy but only for a two count! It's now Benoit taking it out on Kennedy with punches. He tries to whip Kennedy across the ring but it's reversed and as Benoit comes off the ropes Kennedy picks him up and drops Benoit face first onto the top rope! Another attempted count but only a two count and Kennedy screams in frustration! A Benoit chant is happening as Kennedy goes to pick him up but Benoit rolls him up into a Small Package but only for a two count! Kennedy is peeved now. A leg drop coming off the ropes and an attempted cover but it doesn't work. Kennedy picks Benoit up over his shoulders and gives him a front Samoan Drop which Kennedy calls the KenTone (sp?) apparently. Kennedy goes to climb the ropes but Benoit gets to his feet and crotches him and chops at him before climbing the ropes himself. Both wrestlers go toe to toe on the ropes before Kennedy pushes Benoit back first into the ring and then connects with a missile dropkick flying off the top tope!

An attempted pin is only broken by Benoit's foot straddling the bottom rope of the ring. Kennedy goes to the apron and climbs the ropes again. He tries a moonsault but Benoit rolls out of the way! It's Benoit again with the advantage as he takes Kennedy down with a shoulder block coming off the ropes. He does it again and then another 5 German suplexes in a row. Kennedy is flat on his back and Benoit goes for the Sharpshooter and lands it! Chavo though comes from commentary to the apron and Benoit breaks the hold and goes after Chavo tossing him over the top rope and into the ring! Benoit goes to put the Sharpshooter onto Chavo but from behind Kennedy pulls him over into a small package and gets the 3 count from the referee as Chavo rolls out of the ring! What a match!

Mr. Kennedy defeated Chris Benoit in 20 minutes
Rudi's rating *** 3/4
Rudi's rant - Now that was a match! It was long, it had a lot of to and fro action, it had submission moves, it had a storyline. It started aggressively and didn't let up throughout the whole time. That was certainly great work from both of these guys and I've not seen Kennedy wrestle much better. As to Benoit? He just shows he can wrestle anyone anytime and he so deserves better storylines than the one he has been in the past few weeks!

After the match Kennedy rolls out the ring and staggers up the rampway. Benoit exits the ring the goes after Chavo on the floor before Chavo pushes Benoit away and jumps over the barricades and makes his way through the crowd leaving Benoit watching. Benoit reenters the ring to a big cheer from the crowd as we get a snapshot of the Batista story coming up after the break.

Commercial break...

Back from commercial and Cole and JBL discuss the Beat The Sprint competition before we get another video of his comings and goings of last year. I won't replay history since you've all followed it mostly throughout the year unless ya'll want me to. Rudi's rant - Nicely done video segment. Smackdown is certainly doing some things right!

Back to action and the music of London and Kendrick hits as they run down to the ring followed by Ashley. They parade around the ring and they seem to be getting a nice pop from the crowd. The music of Regal/Taylor now hits as they make their way down and we've got ourselves a title match! Right after...

Commercial break...

Match 4: (Champions) Paul London & Brian Kendrick (with Ashley) vs. William Regal and Dave Taylor for the WWE Tag Team Titles

Back from commercial again and the match is underway for maybe a couple of minutes during the break? Taylor is in the ring with Kendrick. They lock up and tussle and Taylor gets the advantage with a headlock and a hip toss. Some crisscrossing around the ring and Kendrick gets the advantage with a dropkick on Taylor and makes the tag. London now with the control until Taylor takes back the advantage with an upper cut and a tag to Regal who comes in and promptly kicks him in the midsection. An Irish whip follows but the back body drop sees London land on his feet and to the crowd's delight takes Regal down with a spinning head scissors and he tags in Kendrick. The cameras continue their weekly focuses on Ashley which just tend to distract slightly from the full flow of the match. Kendrick makes the tag to London who comes in from the ropes with a double axe handle to the back of Regal. The tag is made straight away and Kendrick repeats the axe handle off the ropes. Another tag and London jumps in literally on the back of Regal being held by Kendrick before making a quick attempt at a pin.

London with the headlock on Regal is backed into the ropes and London doesn't see the tag made to Taylor. Regal whips London into the ropes and London ducks a blow from Regal and takes out Taylor as he's trying to get into the ring. That's not good though as when he does turn around to see where Regal is he's taken out with a clothesline by him! Taylor enters the ring now and London has problems. A body slam by Taylor who then poses to the crowd . He beats up on London, gives him a suplex, makes the tag and Regal comes in and offloads with a number of knees onto London whose certainly in trouble. Regal works on the neck and shoulders of London whilst the crowd start up a clap for London at the behest of Ashley and Kendrick. London tries to fight back groggily but a knee from Regal to the head soon ends that! Smashmouth wrestling JBL calls it as the tag is made and Taylor comes in and continues the beat up. Taylor works on the neck and shoulder of London as the match progresses. London is certainly under the hammer in this match! Another tag and Regal continues the punishment on London. In a move borne of desperation London tries to roll up Regal but that is a bad thing as an angry Regal knees London in the head and then tags in Taylor who works on him again. We're due a hot tag soon!

Not yet as Regal takes to London again. He picks up London and stretches him over his shoulder. London manages to shake out of that though and then tries to come off the ropes. Regal picks him up but the momentum of London forces Regal back and London manages to make the tag! Kendrick rushes in and the crowd cheer him on as he takes down Regal then Taylor who is trying to enter the ring. A shoulder block on Taylor, a dropkick to Regal, a dropkick on Taylor! Off the ropes a heel kick on Taylor flattening him! A heel kick on Regal! He goes for the pin but Taylor manages to break the cover before exiting the ring. Another heel kick on Regal than can be heard around the arena and another cover broken at the last minute by Taylor! A whip into the corner is reversed by Regal but Kendrick comes off the ropes with a crossbody onto him and another attempted pin but wait, Regal rolls through and almost gets the pin on Kendrick and it's broken just at the last moment by a lunging London! Taylor enters the ring and goes after London and knocks him out of the ring and follows leaving Regal and Kendrick alone. Regal goes after Kendrick who ducks the blow, locks Regal up in a backslide and the referee counts to 3 and this one is done!!

Paul London & Brian Kendrick (with Ashley) defeated William Regal & Dave Taylor in 12 minutes to retain the Tag Team Titles
Rudi's rating *** 1/2
Rudi's rant - Two great matches in a row. RAW, eat your heart out!! This was almost as good as the previous match with some great selling by London as the face in peril and great mat work by Taylor and Regal. The two contrasts just seem to work well together in their match ups and I can't wait to see where this feud takes us next!

After the match a jubilant Kendrick rolls out of the ring and goes to check on London with Ashley as Taylor consoles a very upset Regal in the ring. The champions back up the rampway looking very pleased with their win.

We get a video recap of the Inferno match at Armageddon between MVP and Kane and see MVP put on fire for Kane to win the match. We get another inane promo by Maryse as we go to...

Commercial break...

Back from commercial and we get MVP and his intro as he staggers his way to the ring taped up to cover the burns on his back. He staggers around the ring selling the injury very well. Who is his opponent? It's Vito!!!! Vito who you ask? Why Regal didn't get an opportunity to contest in this I'll never know. But lets not linger on that! Vito makes his way into the ring wearing a very colourful number today.

Match 5: MVP vs. Vito in a Beat the Clock Sprint Match
Vito goes after MVP and they lock up and go toe to toe with MVP taking the advantage on Vito with some big elbows and an attempted pin. MVP slams Vito and another attempted pin. MVP whips Vito into the ropes and looks to back body drop him but receives a kick instead by Vito who then takes to the back of MVP with a forearm before a clotheslines and an attempted cover! The two wrestlers continue to tussle with Vito not holding back in his assault on Vito. MVP though with the comeback takes to Vito as JBL goes off on a rant and this match is very quick as Vito now takes to MVP with attempted covers as he knees him to the chest. A body slam by Vito who them springs off the ropes with a splash onto MVP and another attempted cover. There are only 2 and a half minutes remaining as MVP now takes tit to Vito with some hits to the head and another attempted cover. It's to and fro here as now Vito has the advantage in this scrappy match. Vito hits the burns of MVP to gain advantage again. It's all elbows and hits to the back as we only have 1 minute left in this match. MVP whips Vito across the ring and follows up with a huge boot to the head of Vito and the crowd ooohs at that one! Vito is down and its a two count by the referee. Another attempted cover by MVP. A whip across the ring and MVP picks Vito up and slams him face first into the canvas! Only 20 seconds now as MVP tries cover after cover. Vito tries for a last second pin but to no avail as the clock winds down and this one is done!

MVP and Vito fought to a no contest in 5:07
Rudi's rating ** 1/2
Rudi's rant - I liked MVP in this. He certainly showed a lot of aggression considering the selling of his injuries and Vito just seemed to suffer from the lack of exposure over the past few weeks. MVP seemed to generate a lot more interest from the crowd. There is a fundamental problem with the beat the clock match as it's a case of attempted cover after attempted cover and they can get fairly scrappy but for what it's worth I thought MVP took some big steps today with getting crowd reaction of a more positive nature

After the match MVP is angry and kicks Vito out of the ring and continues to assault him as Kennedy in the back continues to enjoy the good fortune. MVP tries to whip Vito into the steel steps but it's reversed and MVP is sent crashing back first into them and writhes in pain on the floor as the referee pushes Vito away.

Commercial break...

Back from commercial and we have Cole and JBL talking about the Benoit and Kennedy match for earlier with the Chavo Guerrero interruption and Teddy Long has announced a no disqualification match for the United States Championship next week.

Backstage now and we have Kristal who calls in Batista and Kristal asks him about the possibility of facing either Kennedy or Undertaker. Batista wont underestimate Kennedy as he's beaten some big names but thinks he has a big mouth. As to the Undertaker and the possibility of facing him? "That would be a first" says Batista and looks thoughtfully into the distance before wandering off. Rudi's rant - A nice little tease up there to maybe gauge crowd reaction to a Wrestlemania match between Batista/Undertaker?

Commercial break...

Back from commercial and we're straight with the gong and the music of the Undertaker as makes his way to the ring slowly. Heck, his intro is almost as long as the Beat the Sprint matchups.....Who is going to be his opponent tonight? Boogeyman? Funaki? Scotty 2 Hotty? No! it's The Miz as his music hits and he makes his way slowly to the ring with a look of dread on his face. He enters the ring slowly looking at Undertaker all the time as the bell rings to start the match.

Match 6: Undertaker vs. The Miz in a Beat the Clock Sprint Match
Undertaker stalks Miz who tries his best to avoid the offence as best he cans. He ducks out of two attempts by the Undertaker to get him but on the third he fails as Undertaker grabs him and throws him back into the corner where he begins his assault on him. Undertaker headbutts Miz and rams his head into the turnbuckle, He whips him across the ring and takes him down with a clothesline and an attempted pin. Back into the corner Undertaker continues to beat up on Miz then goes to work on his arm as he climbs the ropes for a bit of Old School before an elbow to the head and another attempted pin. A big leg drop by Undertaker and another attempted pin and there is only 3 minutes left as Undertaker goes for a choke slam but is distracted by Kennedy who rushes down to ringside!

Undertaker in that distraction is unaware of The Miz who has had a moment to get his act together and tries to take it to Undertaker with a number of blows and dropkicks which Undertaker doesn't sell at all. Miz comes off the ropes but is taken down by a big boot from Undertaker with 2 and a half minutes left in this match. An attempted pin but not a three count and Kennedy is there on the rampway keeping an eye on things and Undertaker clothesline Miz out of the ring then follows up with him on the apron dropping the leg onto him. An attempted pin with Undertaker back in the ring but Miz just manages to get his leg on the ropes to break it. Undertaker now with a minute to go whips Miz across the ring picks him up as he staggers out of the corner and delivers Snakes Eyes into the top turnbuckle! A bit boot and Miz is down again taking out the referee at the same time as Kennedy mounts the apron only to be knocked off by Undertaker! The crowd are loving this as Undertaker manages to chokeslam Miz and goes for the cover but the referee being knocked down fails to see it happening. Undertaker goes to check on him and that allows Kennedy time to pull Miz out of the ring and throw him up the rampway with 24 seconds to go! Undertaker is straight out and grabs Miz and throws him back into the ring, picks him up and tombstones him and with 2 seconds to go in the match just misses out on the win as the buzzer goes just before the three count is completed!!! Amazing timing!!!

The Undertaker and The Miz fought to a no contest in 5:07
Rudi's rating ***
Rudi's rant - This match though a total squash was well timed right down to the last second and certainly had the crowd on its feet thinking as to whether Undertaker was going to make the pin in time! That in itself made for a great match no matter how short the time was. It's about entertainment and the crowd certainly were way behind the Undertaker for this!

After the match Mr. Kennedy runs jubilantly up the rampway as Undertaker is left in the ring ruing the missed chance as he stars down Mr. Kennedy from the ring. We get a replay of the last 10 seconds of the match as the shows goes off air.

Okay, that wraps up another week and geez I'm glad I got to see this show in its entirety. Smackdown continues to impress in a number of ways that RAW hasn't lately. RAW is hit and miss but Smackdown just seems to get it right week in, week out. I'm giving this show an 8 out of 10 just for being innovative and having two great matches surrounded by the Beat the Clock Sprint matches. What do I think about these matches? It has certainly drawbacks in that I think Regal could have been used for one and that the matches tend to turn into a number of attempted pins surrounded by a bit of wrestling but it's a different concept and it just adds something different to the formula which the show needs if it's to survive..... The other great thing about the episode tonight is that it continued with the storylines and perhaps introduced some newer ones like MVP against Vito and even Hardy vs. Finlay perhaps? The crowd wasn't overly hot I don't think so only a 5 out of 10 for them and a 7 out of 10 for the commentary as JBL continues to mesh well with Cole except for the occasional tirade! With just a couple of more wrestlers which they seem to be getting with Daivari for one to bolster the cruiserweight division and maybe another tag team or two I think this show is looking forward to a good year. Thanks again for your reading and putting up with my problems of last week and I look forward to seeing you all next week! Cheers!!


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Howard Stern not impressed with "Rosie vs. Donald" RAW face off
Submitted by Stu Starrs on Friday, January 12, 2007 at 7:19 AM EST

Thanks to Christian Connor of PWInsider.com for the following recap:

Today on The Howard Stern show on Sirius Radio, Howard played some clips from Monday Night Raw's "Historic" Rosie vs. Trump face off. Howard began playing the clip and immediately asked what happened to Vince's voice, JD (part of the show's crew) came in and explained how Vince was in his "Mr. McMahon" character. Howard played more of the clip where Vince meets Rosie in the dressing room, about 20 seconds in Howard stopped the clip and started going off on how boring the clip was and how he couldn't believe people actually watched wrestling. Stern then played another clip hoping it would be more entertaining, playing the clip where Vince was introducing Rosie to the ring and you could hear Jim Ross commentating as Rosie made her entrance. At this time Stern finally stopped the clip for good, again asking how people actually found WWE entertaining. Some of the other studio crew started to make fun of how bad the WWE clips were and then JD went on to mention how the Rosie vs. Trump match was actually booed by the fans at the arena and how they were loudly chanting "we want wrestlers" during the "match".

The entire time Stern spent discussing WWE was about 2 minutes overall. You could almost sense that Howard was expecting funny material from the WWE clips and was very disappointed when he found it wasn't entertaining. I found it very ironic that even the "King of All Media" (who is widely known for his love and use of adolescent humor) was unable to find any kind of entertainment in WWE's current product.


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Trish Stratus speaks about Armed & Dangerous show
Submitted by Stu Starrs on Friday, January 12, 2007 at 7:06 AM EST

Thanks to Bedford Crenshaw of PWInsider.com for the following recap:

Bob & Tom Show, Trish Stratus with LaToya Jackson, Erik Estrada, Jack Osborne, Wee Man.

The entire Bob & Tom crew (Bob, Tom, Chick, and Kristy) were in the studio, as were all five celebrities of Armed and Famous. (Not difficult, as the show is filmed in Muncie and Bob & Tom are based in Indianapolis, 30 miles away).

Tom described Armed & Dangerous. Chick complimented LaToya's butt. After Tom hoped he wouldn't say it, Chick then complimented Erik Estrada's butt.

They talked about tonight's episode, where they have to go into a house with a suspected homicide. Wee Man was described as a monster of a man, and seemingly enjoyed kicking the arm of someone endangering LaToya.

Finaly, they went to Trish, described as a former WWE champion. When asked how she did in training, she said she was a great shot, but must be a manhater because of wear her bullets went. Apparently, LaToya had much more trouble with shooting.

Erik went on about how you can't redo anything. He described about going to an older lady's house, who had a crack pipe and crack cocaine and bookkeeping. She eventually, she recognized Erik and said she always wanted to meet him, and wanted to kiss him, beyond other things.

They had a second segment. They said that all but Erik saw the first episode at once, who wanted to see it by himself at first. Trish said they were used to be nocturnal creatures, which is why they hadn't yet slept. Chick asked Jack what his dad (Ozzy) said, and he said Ozzy asked him if he'd had to shot people. Erik said that the Muncie police chief said that of all them, he'd like Jack to be a permanent police officer, something Jack is considering. Wee man that there were height issues for him, but it came to naught.

They played a clip where Erik farted and Wee man said "Ponch just farted".

They talked about how an Indiana law required everyone to be tasered first before they are allowed to use one themselves. LaToya sounded like she was overly enjoying herself after being tasered. Apparently, Trish was the only one who had been dart tasered. She was shot in the back She said she figured she wouldn't enjoy the pain anyway, so she decided to be the one who had the dart taser. After commenting on how stunning Trish was, he asked Trish if she was a popular wrestling partner during the police training, but she said it was no big deal. (It was revealed during the segment that the Indiana law about needed to be tasreed was just a rib; most of the regular officers had never been tasered.

They talked about how LaToya got a phone call from a brother, and how she had to hide the fact she was a police officer.

They later said how they'd later have to go to court when the perps they arrested went to court. They also discussed LaToya about restaurants, and whether the guys were hit on by the ladies during the filming. Tom also described having shared the stage with Ozzy, and how he saw a big pimple on Ozzy's back.

LaToya's biggest surprise was how much drugs were on the street, and how they kept arresting the same people. Bob asked if it was a "recurring role".

Erik's biggest surprise was how many lies people told.

Jack Osborne's biggest surprise was the same as Erik's, and how they automatically BSed about what they did. They talked about how much Jack had changed since his father's reality show and now.

Wee Man's question was whether it was easier to do the stunts when short; he said he didn't know as he was never tall.

Trish was asked the surprise question, and she said she was surprised how often they went to house fires and all the different things policemen did. They talked about how they bought special Hummers for the crew, and then the conversation went right into the gutter (I could just imagine Buck wince at it.)

Not enough Trish, but then, you can never have enough Trish.


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TNA News: Update on Konnan’s health, Kurt Angle/Bob Sapp & more
Submitted by Jason Stone on Friday, January 12, 2007 at 12:32 AM EST

Credit - Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The Kurt Angle segment on The George Michael Sports Machine show will air on January 14. Michael is a fan of Angle and hand picked him to appear. The segment was taped in late December.

TNA is no longer pursuing a Kurt Angle vs. Bob Sapp program. Sapp is currently going through some complicated contract issues with K1 in Japan.

TNA management, particularly the Carters, have been calling Konnan almost every day to check up on his condition and how he is feeling. Konnan will likely be a lot smaller when he does return due to his new strict diet from his doctors and the fact that he cant do any weight training. He is not allowed to eat any dairy products and has to cut down on protein intake, which is a huge change for someone who has been on a bodybuilding diet for years. Konnan has been very passionate about getting over LAX, and TNA has been impressed with his work in the role as their manager and mouthpiece.


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TNA iMPACT! Results 1-11-2007
Submitted by Matt Haggard on Thursday, January 11, 2007 at 10:28 PM EST

TNA Wrestling iMPACT!
Thursday, January 11, 2007
iMPACT! Zone; Universal Studios Soundstage 21

Last weeks highlights are recounted. Joe/Angle III will be a 30 Minute Iron Man Match at Sunday’s Final Resolution PPV.

The mandatory opening scene from Jim Cornette’s office with Kurt Angle occurs with Cornette asking a favor of Kurt. Being as Jim has allowed Kurt every opportunity at Samoa Joe Cornette only asks one thing in return: When Jim calls for Kurt at ringside.
“Now, why would I wanna do anything for you?,” Kurt asks.
“Would you do something for the guy who has a HUGE say in who gets the next NWA World’s Title shot?”
“You got me there, Ill be there…” (Cool Dialogue)

Opening pyros goes off and ringside there is a Penalty Box (used normally for the King of the Mountain Match).

Match One: Maverick Matt Bently w/Serotonin v. Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle defeats Bently soundly. I would like to say there was more to this one, but that simply is not the case. Angle wins by Ankle lock submission.
Winner: Kurt Angle
Post match: Raven caned Matt as continuing punishment for his loss.

Team 3D arrives to the iMPACT! Zone in a tank wearing camouflage and military helmets. 3D essentially calls out the LAX specifically mentioning Konan.

~Commercial Break~

Joe being interviewed by Jeremy Borash calls out Kurt Angle essentially telling him that he shouldn’t turn his back on anyone…

Match Two: James Storm, Chris Sabin, AJ Styles v. Rhino, Chris Daniels, P. Williams
AJ Styles, Chris Sabin & James Storm defeated Petey Williams, Christopher Daniels & Rhino when Sabin pinned Daniels.
Winner: Storm, Sabin. Styles

Jeremy Borash has a sit down interview with the “Wildcat” Chris Harris. In a reply to a question about his health, harris says that he has a high risk of losing his sight in his right eye. (He his seen wearing an eye patch from the beer bottle wound suffered from James Storm.) Wildcat is not sure if he can return to the ring. Emotionally Harris admits that he is upset and confused as to why Storm would end AMW in the manner that it was, especially after their four year successful history in TNA.

Team 3D cuts the cameras away from the interview as they “sniped” a sneak attack on the LAX; namely one Konan. After the brawl, Brother Ray takes the mic and says that since LAX took out Brother Runt, they took out Konnan. Ray said this was a war that LAX couldn't handle. Ray said they would take the tag titles from LAX at Final Resolution.

~Commercial Break~

The VKM find themselves looking for the Alamo in Texas in search of Michael Hickkenbottom (HBK for those not in the know). However Kip James managed to screw things up again, leading the multiple time Tag Team Champions to an Alamo Car Rental dealership. Luckily the VKM find the Alamo but despite all of their antics find no trace of the healthier half of WWE’s DX.

Match Three: Tomko v. Abyss
Jim Cornette is in the ring and reminds Christian Cage that Tomko will be barred from ringside. Furthermore Cornette seems to believe that it is only fair that Christian is placed in the penalty box for the duration of this match where he can not interfere in Tomko’s match. Christian arrogantly asks who is going to force him into there. Kurt Angle giving Cornette his favor walks to the ring as backs Cage into the box allowing the match to begin.

~Commercial Break~
Abyss and Tomko fight heavily outside the ring as an interested Jim Mitchell looks on. Tenay and West remind fans that Sting has done a good job of getting into The Monster’s head reminding him that he is a man despite all of Jim Mitchell’s brainwashing. Back inside the ring, Tomko blocks one choke slam, but gets one in after a power exchange between the two behemoths. Meanwhile, ringside Kurt Angle watches Cage while keeping an interested eye on the World Heavyweight Champion when Samoa Joe runs in to the Penalty Box area to blindside Angle. A scuffle ensues allowing Christian Cage to grab the keys to unlock the box. Back inside the ring Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam but the potential winning pin fall is broken up by Cage forcing Senior Referee Rudy Charles to call for the bell.
Winner: No Decision
Security runs Kurt Angle and Joe backstage while Sting appears inside the ring to fend off the attack of Tomko and Cage. When all is left done, Sting and Abyss stand raised hands in the center of the ring when all of a sudden Abyss turns on the legend apparently deciding Jim Mitchell’s side.


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Jim Ross on Rock's WWE return, HHH's injury, Lesnar, Austin, and more
Submitted by Stu Starrs on Thursday, January 11, 2007 at 8:42 AM EST

Jim Ross has posted his latest online blog over at his official website JRsBarBQ.com. Below are some of the highlights:

On Triple H's Injury: This is a serious blow to Monday Night Raw as The Game will be out 4-6 months after undergoing surgery Tuesday in Birmingham, Alabama. The only consolation is that this quadraceps injury isn’t quite as serious as the last quad injury HHH suffered. Don’t get me wrong, this is a serious injury but not a career threatening one as I understand it, especially knowing HHH’s work ethic and how hard he will rehab to get back to ring worthy condition. Nonetheless, when quality depth is in such short supply, losing an athlete like HHH is a challenging blow to the flagship show of the WWE. It will be interesting to see who steps up and makes this horrible situation into an opportunity to run with the ball, so to speak.

The Rock's "Return": Contrary to what wikipedia may or may not say, I NEVER said The Rock was coming back to the ring in 2007. Would I love seeing “The Great One” in a big time match in 2007? Of Course. But wrestling is not what the Rock does for a living any longer and making movies is. The Rock will be in the remake of the TV show “Get Smart” which begins filming soon.

Brock Lesnar Coming Back To WWE: Why doesn’t the WWE re-sign Brock Lesnar? First of all, I don’t even know if this matter is on the WWE’s radar. Secondly and most importantly, it takes TWO to tango. I don’t know if Brock would even entertain coming back to the WWE as I thought the two parties were close at one time but the deal fell through for reasons I am unaware. Again, if the field was totally level and everyone was on the same page, Lesnar could help the WWE as he is a gifted and talented wrestler. However, if Brock’s heart wasn’t into the commitment and he was only wrestling for the cash, this would be a partnership doomed from the beginning.

Steve Austin: As we have said many times, and I thought I had short term memory loss, Steve Austin’s movie “The Condemned” is scheduled for release around April 27. That means that one would assume that Austin would have a “role” at Wrestlemania on April 1. What that “role” will be is unknown to yours truly. I would, however, bet the farm that Austin will be prominently featured somehow at Wrestlemania 23. After all the Austin Beer Bashes over the years I never heard of any one getting pulled over and having to explain the aroma of beer to a police officer. I came home with smelly clothes plenty of times myself but never had any issues with the law. Plus, it would have been easy to explain. Much easier than the wrestler in the 70s who loved to smoke pot and bought pot flavored air freshener from a head shop. When ever he was stopped and the police officer smelled the pot smoke the wrestler would break out into a staged belly laugh and show the officer the pot scented room deodorant. I don’t think this hemp lover was ever arrested for pot smoking which is a miracle.