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OpenSPA 7.4.008

- New plugin OpTelebot, ******** information and notifications, thanks to villak.
- Fix InfoMeteo (spzWeather), both aemet and foreca.
- Fix rclone for mipselboxes and update to release 1.52
- Fix picon section for extra panel.
- Fix issue with tuners in BlackSPA skin.
- Added option in BlackSPA panel to update skin online.
- Update Netflix plugin for Octagon SF8008.
- New Bootlogo, thanks pepeman.

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Pass : openspa


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What is new

- New drivers :
Gigablue UHD UE 4K, UHD Quad 4K and UHD X3 4K :
add force lnb_on
update v3ddrivers
Qviart Lunix 4K :
add blindscan
improved driver for blind scan. It fixed the issue that it doesn't scan well after factory reset
Zgemma H9, H9combo and I55+ :
improve driver update (hiplay).
transcoding add 1080p30
transcoding improve customize resolutions
Dinobot 4K+ and Dinobot U5 mini :
Fix some channel crashes.
Fix program resolution display error.
Edision OS Mio 4k, OS Mio 4k+ and OS Mini 4k :
Fixed video grab interface to apply crop parameters
Minor bug fixes and improvements
Izibox eco twin HD :
grab fix sum
Increase CEC function.
add cpu-scaling helper boost cpu speed from 400mhz to 1 ghz
- Update kodi to 18.8
- Qviart Lunix 4K and Lunix3 4K : now official factory drivers are used. This implies that Movistar+ native EPG won't work and you should use plugins such as EPGImport.
- New plugin OpenSPAnetTest, to do speed tests with selection of server. Thanks to villak.
- Add screens of vertical menu for BlackSPA.
- Changed BlackSPA Panel to Customize skin from Customize menu.
- Add online update for BlackSPA skin_template.
- Add BlackModern infobar in Customize panel for BlackSPA skin.
- Update rclone to versión 1.52.2
- New Bootlogo, thanks to elduque.

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Pass : openspa



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OpenSPA 7.4.014

What is new

- New drivers :
Edision OS Mio 4k, OS Mio+ 4k and OS Mini 4k :
Fixed frontend driver bug that possibly reports wrong t2mi info
AVL frontend driver loads external firmware if exists
minor bug fixes and improvements
Edision OS Nino :
add rt8723ds support
Octagon SF8008 and SF8008m :
add support new rcu F3 and F4 key.
update key magic send now F10
Gigablue Quad 4K, UE 4K and X3 4K :
add missing config file, need for hbbtv osd transparency

- Added Wireguard support for more receivers.
- Bug fixes and improvements for wireguard.
- Bug fixes and improvements for Pluto TV.
- Updated OpenSPA graphic EPG to customize screen.
- Improved skin OpenStar (new graphic EPG screen, new homemenu widgets, add option to remove channel name in MiniTV (channels list), channels list 100% integrated (option 14,15,16 lines, or doble line by channel) and add option show graphic EPG YES/NO)
- Fix VirtualKeyboard screen for BlackSPA skin.
- Fix bug for spzWeather to prevent crashlog when you enter cities with spaces in name.
- New support for USB XBOX One Digital TV Tuner, in all receivers with Media-build support (Automatic Drivers in Openspa).
- Updated rclone to versión 1.55.0
- Updated ZeroTier to versión 1.6.4
- New Bootlogo, thanks to Pepeman.

User : root
Pass : openspa