Visualization, Album Art/Cover and All-in-One skin


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Visualization, Album Art/Cover and All-in-One skin mode ...

Follow the steps if you like the PotPlayer that appears in the picture below;

Download the following three files before;

BlackBox skins pack
Visualizations pack
Mp3tag program

*Copy/extract the "default.dsf" from skin pack to PotPlayer's skin folder.
*Extract visualization package into anywhere you like and then run the "reg.bat" to register them.
*To use default skin (default.dsf) as all-in-one mode, check "start with video skin mode" and "disable switching between skin modes" (formerly use with video skin) options in skin settings.(Also, if an another skin is in use, select default.dsf in skin settings)
*Under F5 > General > Visualization, check "enable visualization" option, select "WMP visualization" from type and "PixelTrip for WMP" from WMP visualization options.(Then Apply & OK)
*Close and open the program.Now you're ready to listen to music like on the picture above.
*If you can't see the album cover picture on the skin, add the related album cover picture into the related audio tracks as described there with Mp3tag program.
*PotPlayer only shows the album cover pictures on the skins that have a "CMD_COVER_IMAGE" command!
*To display album cover pictures with visualization in the video area, check "display album art/cover pictures" option in visualization tab.
*The "PictureViz_II" vizualization is very advanced slideshow feature than PotPlayer's slideshow.So use it if you want to see pictures as a slideshow while listening to music.You can customize it with many options in its settings dialog.

*To reach the related visualization's settings, under F5 > General > visualization tab, click to settings button after selecting the related visualization.
*PotPlayer only supports windowless mode (that is basic) WMP Visualizations!