Videoweb 600S: HDTV receiver with HD +



HDTV Reception

Receive all the unencrypted standard definition and HDTV channels. Videoweb is ready for the HDTV broadcast by ARD and ZDF, which begins in February 2010 for the Winter Olympics in normal operation. You can now receive more than 300 programs on Astra in SD and HDTV channels Anixe HD and Arte HD, and from summer to test the public broadcasters.

HD +

In the HD + package of videoweb 600S access to the new private channels RTL HD HD HD Vox, Pro7 HD and Sat1 HD Kabel1 HD is included. You will also receive a customer videoweb a smart card, which the HD + package for one years free unlock.

Channel selections Categories

How do you find your way around hundreds of channels? How do you discover the new channels? Videoweb here has an innovative solution. The station list is divided into sections. Simply select the appropriate category (eg music channel, shopping channel, ...

Transmitter and transponder update via the Internet

Whenever there is a new channel, changes to the transmitters and transponders, your videoweb from our data center is automatically updated. The re-tuning of conventional receivers deleted. They are also not "black" channels have more or miss a new station. As a further convenience feature in the standard-setting, all pay-TV, Adult Channel and ring tone disappears. Videoweb is thus always "family" and has a tidy list of channels.

Comfortable editing your Favorites list in Internet

In conventional receivers, it is often very expensive, assemble their own list of channels. Videoweb solves the problem in a simple and convenient way. About videoweb website on the Internet to your computer, you can edit your list of favorites. The edited list will be transferred automatically from the data center videoweb to your receiver.

Digital Video Recorder

About the USB port of videoweb you can connect a commercially available hard drive (eg 1,000 gigabytes for about 80 euros - equivalent to) about 700 hours video recording. This makes videoweb able to record the current TV program or programs in the future, store and manage.

Pause TV

With the automatic "Pause TV" function takes videoweb always automatically on the last 120 minutes of the current program. You can stop with the pause button, the current program, rewind or fast forward. This gives you complete freedom for television. You can for example at 20:45 clock start watching the film, which has already begun at 20:15 Clock.

Automatic software updates

The software and the Internet portal of videoweb are constantly evolving. The latest software version with the current features will be installed automatically for you. For your videoweb is always up to date

Plus X Award

As part of the IFA videoweb was awarded the Plus X Award for innovation and for both ease of use.


The videoweb 600S comes with an increased scope of services adapted to the designated and a list price of 299, - Euro incl. on the market. Retail supply is starting late February 2010.


Finally available: videoweb has its hybrid HDTV receiver 600S after several postponements to the market

The German manufacturer videoweb receiver technology has its hybrid HDTV receiver 600S for high-resolution satellite and IPTV now finally brought to market. The HD + compatible device was supposed to appear as early as last fall, but delayed the launch due to various hardware and software modifications several times. In the past, a new dual-core microprocessor integrated and made minor improvements in terms of user friendliness.

Thus selected customers in a beta test launched several months ago the possibility of a large number of requests or proposals in the final product of the model had to be fed. The beta test was completed recently and is more than 100 short-term integrated detail improvements have been the consequence. Also for the future development, there are allegedly already eingie suggestions. Videoweb wants to stand out in this way from the competition.

The TV portal videoweb starts after pressing the "Web" button on the remote control and offers numerous online applications

The 600S has a built-in HD tuner to receive digital SDTV and HDTV channels via satellite (DVB-S2) and a LAN jack for access to various Internet offerings videoweb TV portal. These include Web-TV programs (IPTV), video-on-demand service (video on demand) and access to online services such as Picasa and Twitter. Press the red button on the remote ("Red Button"), the user is also able to use the media centers of ARD and ZDF.

The HD + smart card is included for one year and released for free

Thanks to the built-in smart card reader can be read in conjunction with the included HD + card also reflect the private channel RTL HDTV-HD, VOX HD, HD ProSieben, Sat.1 HD and Cable One HD. Shipments can it via the USB port on an external device such as memory stick or hard drive recording (PVR Ready function). Further details on the device, see our news report.

The use of the HD + platform is the first year free. From the 13th Months is an annual service fee of 50 euros ( reported).

The 600S can videoweb from immediately ordered online at a price of 299 €. As a distributor, that manufacturer including Amazon and Anixe HD. says:
Good takes time - at least let the hope many, of a product optimization justified shifts of the market launch it. Theoretically, the 600S, but I know quite pleased about: The high-definition television via satellite, the HD + receiver, the playback of various IPTV channel, the PVR-ready feature and the numerous online applications, likely even the eyes of ambitious users bring to light. Only a twin tuner for simultaneous playback or record two different programs as well as integrated wireless would have been in our view, nor desirable. The price of 300 € is in view of the equipment from won fairly. Videoweb has incidentally already promised many more features that will dominate the HDTV receiver to the next twelve months - which are that, the manufacturer must still secret.