Up 11-7-.2015 Channel list All 55East to 45West For TM5402-HD-M1-M2-M3-TM-F3/5-HD+


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Up 11.07.2015 Channel list All 55East to 45West for TM5402HD-M1 - TM5402HD-M2 - TM5402HD-M3 - TM-F3/5 - TM6800HDSuper -TM6900HDSuper - TM6902HDSuper -TM7100 -TM7102

All updated @ 28.2°E

All updated @ 19,2E French channels HD and Spain HD

All updated @ 13E Mediaset

All updated @ 7.3W

+All SAT channels Up

Channel list also you can use it for a fixed dish for 28.2 SKY UK

channel list on USALS > use it for CS + key + FTA from 55East to 45West that I can receive on my MOTOR 1.1dish

Channel list