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Creating your own Dreambox Boot Logo

How to create your own startup, shutdown, radio, scan and mp3 logos

The dimension of these pictures must be 720×576 pixels in PAL format.

Path where the boot image is stored is /root/platform/kernel and is called bild.

Path where the other pictures are stored is /var/tuxbox/config/enigma/pictures.

The program we will use to create the pictures is called

1.Download TMPGEnc from official site

2.Unzip the file to your chosen destination.

3.Double click the ‘TPMGEnc.exe MPEG Encoder’ file and click ‘OK’ on the small pop up window. Then click ‘Cancel’ on the ‘Project Wizard (1/5)’ window that appears.

4.Next screen, bottom right…’Stream type’, check the box ‘ES (Video only)’.

5.Next, bottom left…’Video source:’ click on ‘Browse’ and select the background/photo that you want as your new logo.

6.Next, bottom left… ‘Output file name:’ click on browse and choose the path for your finished ‘new’ boot background/photo and edit the name to ‘bild’ (minus the ‘….’ and in lower case) ie: the line that apperars in the ‘Output file name:’ should read similar to C:\Documents and Settings\Whatever\My Documents\bild ( the actual name of the photo does NOT appear).

7.Next, bottom right…click on ‘Setting’ and check that the value settings are:

…..’Stream type:’ = MPEG-1 Video
…..’Size’ = 720 x576 pixels
…..’Aspect ratio:’ = 1:1 (VGA)
…..’Frame rate:’ = 25 fps
…..’Rate control mode:’ = Constant bitrate (CBR)
…..’Bitrate:’ = 12000
…..’Motion search precision:’ = Normal

When checked, click ‘OK’ to exit the screen.

Top left click ‘Start’, if all is goes well, the ‘100%’ bar appears and your completed ‘bild’ file is in your chosen ‘Output…’ location.

*** If You want to change the boot picture before compressing the image (after the ‘make rebuild-flash’ command ) , just copy it into /tuxbox-cvs/root/cdkflash/boot/root/platform/kernel before executing the ‘make flash-compress’ command.

Thanks to Fergy
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