Tutorial: Insert channel list in ipbox


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Note: The list of channels you can download and put the same one as for dremabox!

1. Download the program Dreamset:

or more tools in one:

2. Run Dremset...


3. Click the Setup on DremSet progam and enter all identical as shown in the picture below, just make sure the settings Satellite.xml and Services,Bouquets are also identical to the picture below ...
Under the password where is currently dots type: ipbox (<---password depends on the installed images) in, under Box IP enter the IP address that you set in ipbox ...to know what your IP addres click the MENU button on the remote and just follow the Setup -> System -> Network -> Adapter Settings and there you found your IP.
After all what you have typed save sitings clicking on: Save configuration and exit by clicking OK


4. Now insert a list of channels in DremSet ... Click in the Open and load the folder in the computer with a list of channels that you saved to your desktop or somewhere in the computer ... and will open a file called lamebd ... double-click a lamebd and open in DreamSet the channel list with program.


5. To put the channel list in ipbox click in the Tarnsfer and then when open a box click on the Write ... If you have all successfully made the ipbox automatically restarts after inserting the list ... and that's it, now there's a list stored in your ipbox receiver

Tutorial in the Croatian language:

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