Tutorial: Insert Biss Key on Enigma2 Box / Linux Cheap Box


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How to Insert Biss Key on Enigma2 Box

As you know Enigma2 Box are based on linux system and stable

Go to your FTP, put the adress on filezilla normally is

User: root
Pass: root

Press enter, after you connect search for /usr/keys shortcut and delete. It will ask if you really want to do it and say yes you want.

Then go to /var/keys/ and create a file with notepad++ named constant.cw


To open the channel, you need to get the key of the feed you want to open in first place to make it work, then after save, restart softcam on: Menu - Softcam / CI - Softcam Setup... - Restart Softcam.

And then it will open

Good Luck :D

How to insert on cheap Linux Box???

The same as the Enigma2 but you need to download the tool of your receiver and send the constant.cw , the rule of teh key in first place is the same.

How to insert on PC DVB Cards???

Download a plugin name DCW Plugin 1.0

You can download It here: (see below)

Click on Feed Channel, Open the plugin inside the Software you use to watch TV and insert the key.

I hope this tutorial Helps alot of curious people on this forum :D
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bbc biss key


can someone take a photo of what should be in the constant.cw. I just have no idea of the layout that should be in it