[Tutorial] Activating telnet IPBox


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Activate Windows 7
It takes the default Control Panel and then tick the box of the Telnet Client and Telnet Server
To reach these settings follow:
Start -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn
Windows features on or off (wait a few seconds) -> Set
check the Telnet Client and Telnet Server -> click OK
You can then start the telnet command...


Download Absolute Telnet program:

1. First Start the program Absolute Telnet. When you open the program
Click in the upper right corner of the "X" as shown in the picture below.


2. Now click on File -> New ... -> Connection File (picture below)


3. Click on Telnet (picture below)


4. Under "Hostname" enter the IP of your ipbox (picture below) and then
click on OK. To find out that you IP address click on remote MENU button and just follow the Setup -> System -> Network-> Adapter settings and that you located your IP ...

If everything went okay now asks ipbox login password (picture below)
Your login and password depends on the images that you have installed the ipbox eg:
From ABCom and other enigma:
user: root
password: ipbox

For all images SifTeam:
user: root
password: SifTeam

When you type user and password on the keyboard, press ENTER


Now enter the command you want to ...