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Tita 1 Nagra 2 Editor v3.0
author: koala2048
date version: 08.11.2006

here the new version of the editor

changes :
- manage 7 idents
- manage IdeaKey and RSA
- allow the change of the default ident
- standalone software (no external need)
- create a sub dir with eep/hex files (latest flash version 1.02). include Readme.txt

1- uncompress attached file into a dir
2- execute Tita1_nagra2_editor.exe

next version
- ident change will be allowed
- log file for RSA/IKey/default id. With it no need when the next change arrive (key/rsa etc...) to put inside all the previous changes.

How to:
1-Run tool
2-Enter ONLY new keys required (let's all other empty for no keys changes)
3-Press create button
4-New folder with date will be created, include Flash + EEprom updated with new keys

Special thanks to my friend Koala2048, great job


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Latest Titanium Loader/Editor-Tools

Tita1 Nagra2 For All Cams
(C)MASARE Team - Saoud007
(C)FullDump TM

; Flash V1.03 NEW Release
; 29/06/2007
Added ident 4102/C102
-Added Tita1 N2 EEprom Editor (Update EEprom file & default ident)
Inside 5 Different eeprom file with default ident set (4101,4102,4901,1101,C102)
D+ Keys not updated due to lot of changes, do it by yourself
-Ident include: 11 (before 9)
-Tested under Xcam, Magic Module, Joker, Dragon

Cam tested:
Magic Module -> OS103/106
Joker Module -> OS103/106 (report to \Cam Firmwares Modified\TitaAll4-1(tita,fun) NAGRA2 Fix + R\Joker Cam Infos.txt)
XCam Module -> OS103/106 (very fast in Hispasat, slow under astra during zapping, same problem with opos)
MR Module -> NOT OK -> Caids 1801 added but only ECM nagra1 receive (MR1060->1071)
MRV\MRB Module -> NOT OK -> NO ECM Receive at all
Dragon Module -> OS103/OS106
Predasaur Module -> OS103/106
Diablo Module -> NOT WORK (not work too with WLDTO file)

@+ Bons Tests


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Tita1 Nagra2 for allcam V5

see read me:

new flash v 1.5

added new id support

basic flash and eeprom incluse for nagra2 id

Nagra2 updater inclused

Nagra2 eeprom Editor inclused

cam firmware modified inclused
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