The Great WZ Predator Updates

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See "howto.txt" for instructions

About this version:
For Dragon Module.

Emulation for Irdeto, Nagra, Viaccess, Viaccess2, Seca and Cryptoworks, with keyeditor
(check out the "Debug" option in the menu).


-Emulation for Viaccess 2.5/2.6 Providers:

>ID 020820 BiS TV (13°East/5°West)
>ID 021120 CANAL+ Maghreb (39°East/26°East)

---> Actualy, Keys are in Firmware Area, so you cannot update them via remote control
---> The IDs in the Keys section are just a simulation of what must exist normally

*Added the new Key 00 for Teleclub Swiss Cable

*Updated some BISS channels

A cam has to register the crypto ids it can handle with the receiver.
The standard does not limit the number of crypto ids sent by the cam; however,
in practice many receivers start behaving really weird when the cam sends more than 16.
Unfortunately, this is all done at startup, the cam can not later on change its mind and
register other ids.
For this reason some more obscure IDS have been removed to make room.

HOWEVER, the crypto ids registered by the cam are editable in the binary file.

At position 0x4BBC you will find them, structure is:
- 1 byte, number of CA IDS to register with the receiver.
- 1 byte value 00, do not change.
Then, the CA IDS, 2 byte each, big-endian.
There is room for 31 ids if you want to try if your receiver can handle more than 16.
Don't forget to change the first byte if you add or remove ids.
If you just change existing ids, there is no need to change the first byte.

Update Official Firmware Predator 3.80, Included:

WZ_Predator380_Extended_BISS_291010.dra 237KB n 237KB
WZ_Predator380_Extended_BISS_291010_FUN7_EEPROM1.h ex 360KB
WZ_Predator380_Extended_BISS_291010_FUN7_EEPROM2.h ex 360KB 3KB
readme.txt 2KB
howto.txt 1KB
WARNING! Read me!.txt 3KB
WZ_Predator380_Extended_BISS_List.txt 2KB

NOTE: This files are Dragon Cam or T-Rex Cam.

thx. The Great WZ