SNAI LIVE of 16 east


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Hi I have a problem
Not to open SNAI LIVE on vu + solo2
I have gcam, oscam emu, i dim modern emo but nothing helps
, I scanned the sports channels SNAI LIVE 1.2 to 16e fr.12660 H, SR 2222, inserted the Biss key but did not show me a picture?
SNAI LIVE 1 does not show that code is encoded, while SNAI LIVE 2 has a color image test. I tried to wipe the frequency and then scan again, knocked the key again, reacted to the receiver but failed to get the picture? I would ask colleagues who have the same resiver or similar to try when there is a match to have the testers have a picture. SITE LIVE 1 transfers occasionally matches.
Thanks in advance