Selfsat + rotor


Hi all,

due to "forced" removal to a new appartment, where it is forbidden by the other owners to install sat dishes on the balcony and on the roof, I'm thinking about installing a selfsat or similar flat sat antennas.

1) are you any suggestions about the different models? I read that H30 is less efficient than H21 and H50, even if obviously these last two cost more.

2) I'm thinking about to install also a rotor for teh flat antenna. I only have found on internet the Stab Selfsat HH90 as a choice, but it is out of stock for all the vendors. Is this the only rotor compatible with flat antennas?
Since I have a "spare" standard Stab HH90, does anyone have experience in using this standard version with the flat antennas? Is it really not compatible?

Thank you.


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On amazon UK it's is still called at satellite dish, just because it's a different shape do you not think it will still be banned.