SatDreamGr Images Update


New SatDreamGr8 images 19-12-2020


[B]git log --oneline --since="2020-11-02"
c9cb08ae Update kodi to 18.9
5391bd47 Update Gstreamer and FFmpeg
f814c0c1 Update edision submodle[/B]


git log --oneline --since="2020-11-02"
89ea2fe8f4 limit the number of lines from debug logs to prevent an OOM crash
042eaea9d9 filepush: decrease debug level of handled signal message.
7f9c62e341 all po files updated from develop at 2020-12-14 23:22 (#2822)
568895588c filepush: fix second bug in filepush patch.
63c4e20013 Fix memory leak in MovieList (2. try)
8034597d1e Revert "Fix memory leak in MovieList"
aa3956dc37 Fix memory leak in MovieList
d13d20cb73 filepush: fix (first?) bug in filepush patch.
ee43886a25 filepush: resolve deadlock
42b39d5e37 [SystemInfo] add "HasHDMIin" (#2821)
f632c38f3e [] fix "scrollbarSliderPicture" and "scrollbarBackgroundPicture" (#2820)
1c76fbd07b update hungarian translation (#2819)
60b5502975 "split" attribute (#2815)
6070476eb1 [] add 'colposition', 'dividechar' and 'split' to 'AttributeParser' to suppress false warnings in the debug log. (#2816)
0931e69380 [Satconfig] "Extra motor options" - do not use NoSave (#2818)
4bdc0fc9b1 Norwegian Bokmål translation, 2020-12-06 (#2817)
3ea3d7aa30 all po files updated from develop at 2020-12-05 16:14 (#2814)
3898dce6da [ChannelSelection] fix double duplication of the 8 key (Remove entry) in Channel selector context menu. (#2808)
dcc016c5a9 [Satfinder] assign a variable self.timer before onShow (#2811)
2e5683f1fa all po files updated from develop at 2020-12-03 13:29 (#2813)
a2bd63155a Polish translations update (#2812)
03b0bbcb08 Merge branch 'pr2git-translation' into develop
967aec36de Merge branch 'translation' of into pr2git-translation
9ddf9d9e86 [] Do not allow negitive values in the "size" attribute (#2810)
7df871bb69 Delete duplicate lines in translations...
bc90c8b8a2 cleanup some duplicates in translations
0726863388 Add ca.po, es.po, lt.po thanks to all translators
e858db736e changed "Fast Scan" to "FastScan" (it is a brandname)
5e30d5ced3 [Hotkey] add "Show satellites list" (#2807)
b1b6a9dfa4 update hu.po (#2806)
3abd183ed9 Update bg.po (#2805)
72ec3ed58c Update ru.po (#2804)
201e8c0726 all po files updated from develop at 2020-11-28 16:05 (#2803)
87a7a665bb update cs.po (#2802)
41987b9e9b all po files updated from develop at 2020-11-27 17:06 (#2801)
404159bf25 Polish translations update (#2800)
cc16ca1c41 update Dutch translation; thanks Frenske
0102287bd1 Fastscan - fixed typo (#2798)
01f84dd8a9 Update all po files against current sources at develop (#2796)
4d22b5b5b0 Revert "all po files updated from develop at 2020-11-25 22:09"
b5fd940723 all po files updated from develop at 2020-11-25 22:09
5b393b52db Fastscan updates
119460e493 epgcache: clear opentv eit map (#2795)



New SatDreamGr8 images 21-03-2021



5e0d160f67 Use width and height instead of size in LoadPixmap
99f4b2677a loadSVG: allow scale svg only from height or width size
038274dd28 skin: use sort to apply pixmap as last argument in AttributeParser
5a1be6f250 [ScanSetup] Terrestrial: Make using Vu+ binary scan utility optional
cda78080b3 Add CRID support to EPG data Add support to the Event class for series link information contained in the content identifier description data. Add series CRID and episode CRID searching to EPG cache's search method.
d41da655e4 New ENIGMA_EPG_V8 file structure
f28e229c62 [opentv.cpp] Add a comment
bfa5edcd99 [ParentalControl] fix  play service if use "preview channel with OK"
d619eb1f67 resolveFilename: use elif for extension check
f0ce39bd54 Tools Directories: allow fallback to svg or png image
ba3070962f Fix svg image byte order in gPixmap
72d67f35d7 Set accel never in loadSVG to fix image scaling
707d92afcf [RemoteControlType]  add new models Zgemma/Multibox(se) (#2890)
fe802d770a Add experimental svg picom support (#2891)
2cc182d679 [opentv] remove whitespace, thanks @teamblue_e2
46c0a765d0 [opentv.cpp] Fix some spuriously timed EPG events (#659) (#2889)
c644792eaa Update uk.po (#2887)
ea875cec7a Update uk.po (#2886)
5da0c206f9 LoadPixmap: rename variable size to _size
3cbcef8321 Fix font and itemHeight scale in TemplatedMultiContent
8c0478369f Update uk.po (#2884)
f420b343d9 Update uk.po (#2883)
9404a5cc8f Update uk.po (#2880)
80692f1bd6 Fix sign-compare compiler warning in picload
54cb9e0fec Disable not working accel in loadSVG
361582ddfe Implement independent x-y pixmap scaling for svg
e9ba61073a Update nanosvg library
c693ce84e2 Use pixmap caching in loadSVG
6fa6c22adf picload: use endsWith function from wrappers instead of ststr
af68be21ad LoadPixmap: load SVG when extension is .svg
783ca61773 epixmap: support loading svg pixmaps based on filename
5a6e3d9ae3 wrappers: add string helper fuctions
7d3e11e441 epng: Add support for SVG loading in gPixmap
81ddbde333 picload: add nanosvg all color keywords
4abd32f846 picload: fix comment from 32 to 24 bit
0ea549dd65 picload: fix svg thumbnail rendering
73ebfcbda0 picload: Add support for SVG rendering
4267723801 Update and fix latvian translation (#2881)
79e5f28698 Update id.po (#2879)
dcd11aebdf Update Latvian translation
8e6639d5b3 VirtualKeyBoard: return usable Latvian layout (#2875)
fec0fcd161 Update uk.po (#2874)
bbee1adb81 Update uk.po (#2873)
66e5227d11 add MultiboxSE to rc_models.cfg
51f8f880c2 Update lt.po (#2865)
1a0090dd1e Update sk.po (#2864)
f2151ff6c0 Add Macedonian language (#2861)
5db0dbf226 [Tools.Directories] SCOPE_FONT: Check the "fonts" folder (#2852)
a4436fb597 [ScanSetup] support  VU+turbo2  binary utility (#2863)
370a673c9f Galician translation update and minor corrections (#2862)
57322db7b7 all po files updated from develop at 2021-02-17 20:29 (#2860)
8dd5b30392 [InfoBarSeek] use pause only really '| |' not 'END' (#2859)
ab23368b5b [Satconfig] setup tuners FBCLink  remove all 1.2 diseqc mode (#2857)
4802bc3f61 [] always not show  ScreenSaver if pip enabled (#2858)
5c868e4dd6 moved 'multiboot selector' to a more logical menu position
63f344b23a [About] added ffmpeg version for HiSil boxes; fixed HiSil CPU detection
02ff9195de opentv: fix missing summaries on "New:" events (#2856)
04be8d12e9 [Converter] FrontendInfo, add missing boolean (#2855)
9b7c3e6aa7 EPGCache: Start reading transponder data after load of epg.dat has finished
cf4173ce0f Fastscan - add KableKiosk (table on 19.2E, services on 9E) (#2854)
99ce8a7f02 MediaPlayer - add to playlist directory contents with .ts too (#2853)
f3d9b1723a [unicable.xml] add Dur-Line UK 104 (#2851)
08e3fd789d Fix tuners not going to sleep
bbc9092490 Galician translation update (#2850)
500d942d0c [NimManager] not use the tuners that is pre-assigned as "Equal to" to configure the new tuner
5d5726d09d Revert "Do not show SNR on OSD when no 'watching' tuner is active"
9e232e5fdc [Converter/RotorPosition] Add boolean method
69a0bdc48f [Converter/FrontendInfo] Add BER, SNR, SNRdB and AGC to the boolean method
72cc3399d0 [epgcache] OpenTV: Use event_id from SI tables (#2846)
5af9063bdb update ru.po (#2845)
cabe7ce916 Do not show SNR on OSD when no 'watching' tuner is active
6a31785f51 Revert "Do not show SNR on OSD when no 'watching' tuner is active"
80f318afe4 Norwegian translation update, 2021-01-31 (#2844)
efb881e08c Do not show SNR on OSD when no 'watching' tuner is active
d58d9f128b [setup.xml] Fixed typo after recent commits.
e6bf68b61e Solve typo from commit cf29dbb1f
6c09374881 fix build error
821953ca6b [frontend] rework  DVB-T 5V active antenna
b84fac1cc6 In NimSelection do not show FBC Link tuner when FBC roots are disabled
15515d7010 Only show enabled tuners on the OSD
9563ac22e6 PinInput: Use zapup/zapdown instead of left/right
54d53a142a update cs.po (#2841)
f6cffcfd3e all po files updated from develop at 2021-01-27 18:36 (#2840)
03e1db2819 Streamline cursor handling PinInput
063c61744d Add Neutrino style and zap buttons to parental lock zap
12cedaa3e3 UsageConfig: Change the Attributes in a concequent way
2ac22c1b9e With left/right you can now zap through parental controll question
7e2109d262 Revert "UsageConfig: Cosmetics (PEP)"
3664db5f91 eEPGCache: Prevent potential deadlock
72a37af22b Update sk.po (#2839)
0187b0893f Add timeout to the develop image startup wizard
a4d5c68287 Multiboot: Solve issue with STARTUP files for some boxes
dd7751f8df Some finetuning on the previous commit regarding the menu path
9084f19b08 Ensure the menu path is indexed on the MainMenu class
b77f3f5be1 Do not show InfoBar on menu path
d4c3160ba4 StartWizard: Streamline some code
49eead8088 StartWizard: Add develop image confirmation
614f912df3 estring - convertDVBUTF8 - replace EIT CR/LF with standard newline (#2838)
170151e024 Norwegian Bokmål translation update. Updated with the latest NTP translations, 2021-01-16 (#2837)
c520eaef0b update cs.po (#2836)
1ce212cae5 UsageConfig: Cosmetics (PEP)
55c02718df Ensure config.ntp.server value is not limited by the default textlength
39aac7c00f Forgot one line Dutch translations.....
d8397417fc Update Dutch translations for enigma2
42f315e855 Update translations
d3b247f257 improve NTP options and description
a517c4124d corrected the description for the ntp time option.
83d14e554d corrected copy/paste error....
86c2bf1a01 TimeSync: Add option to change url of ntp server
fe05b87612 TimeSync: When there is no network go for satellite time
c552ad2dbd Add selection of time synchronization method
d1be594765 SkiNSelector: Avoid GSOD when resolution cannot be fetched from skin.xml
be00a9d3a7 filepush: increase poll read timeout for Broadcom encoder.
4320c45c96 encoder: always use the magic size of 256*188 bytes sized packets for the Broadcom encoder.
80f970156e encoder: swap starting transcoding and starting of data pump.
e8ebf9c0f3 encoder: stop playing service when PMT/VPID/APID are known and transcoding file.
a3068e5741 encoder: add more debugging information.
161d5cc8de encoder: move start playing service to after the notifiers have connected.
d067820036 encoder: make sure that source_fd is always -1 when no source file is applicable.
82119f425f encoder: fix possible fd leak when requesting the third (non-existing) encoder.
d312256d78 Introduce new trace log level and eTrace() function
1f2805b3dd filepush: make stopping recording thread more robust.
8a74ee622c filepush: [cosmetic] fix some lame formatting in eFilePushThread.
e36e26f9b0 filepush: apply the same fixes for eFilePushThread as for eFilePushThreadRecorder.
717316921d filepush: work around bug in OE Zeus glibc. Fix recordings that hang enigma.
84c159f928 filepush: add some debugging statements.
2ee4db5a95 [AutoDiseqc] update FEC "Eutelsat 5 West B 5.0w"
62127cde96 filepush: increase amount of attempts to stop recording thread.
7075b3289a skin_display_gbquad4k.xml - revent as vusolo4k
957a914825 filepush: improve Broadcom encoding workaround.
31cb5fd1e6 encoder: re-enable recording from HDMI-in on VU+ again.
5d112d09cf encoder: avoid segfault when tap is nullptr.
989d6f44ce [ChannelSelectionRadio] add key audio for audioSelection (#2831)
a2796e0321 [frontend] correct snr /dB Vuplus DVB-T NIM(BCM3466)
103d129496 Refactor eEPGCache
d49afd6384 [skin_display_gbquad4k] use as vusolo4k (#2830)
737823b440 filepush: new attempt at making it compatible with Broadcom transcoding.
7f73ca2a29 filepush: make stopping recording thread more robust.
f22c3572e6 Revert filepush for Broadcom encoding.
c6ba0a1bb6 configure: add -Wextra as option to GCC.
4be35fae9f Finetune overscan wizard for 1280x720 skins
153ec21bfe [sec] fix comparsion of int with unsigned int
7febd2d568 [listboxservice] force set default color progress bar as celServiceInfo
b963385cc8 Overscanbrowser: Some cosmetic finetuning
1ac7a5efbf Fix large and slow menu path
471b0b1a03 eptrlist: fix forward declaration on clang
633a4dcfbe gpixmap: fix convertion of gRGB tostring on clang
901f89419e configure: add final set of warnings/errors not in -Wextra.
3c6c3b5e05 python: use newer C99 initializer on PyTypeObject
1283d41290 use c++11 struct initializer
29a93d7244 object: fix compile when using exceptions
fd5afae41e estring: fix bug in replace_all
b46e75afa3 Add Galician language (#2828)
8887ad9b4f This modification addresses a problem which occurs sometimes when the option "Use orignal DVB position" is set to "Fixed". (#2827)
9d35b6df08 python: fix clang infinite-recursion warning
bd9e393b57 configure: check compiler flags using AX_CHECK_COMPILE_FLAG
65dcf88875 configure: add two more non-fatal non-Wextra warnings in GCC: -Wno-error=cast-align=strict -Wno-error=cast-qual
815f3b535a configure: add more non-Wextra warnings, most of them as errors.
e86a86eb75 configure: enable warnings: -Wformat=2 -Wformat-nonliteral -Wformat-security -Wimplicit-fallthrough=5
1548dcc627 configure: reduce extranuous indentation of GCC warning options.
105f21b166 configure: remove GCC warnings that are already enabled with -Wall.
36a3f6998d enigma2: enable optional warnings "-Wmaybe-uninitialized -Wdangling-else -Wformat-overflow=2"
6b3329f2bf decoded: bring back obsolete dvb API's
5fc8778b73 configure: typo FLAGS -> CFLAGS
1598f7bbdb travis: update distro to bionic
643b83c329 travis: update yml to fix warnings
397e3188e4 travis: drop gcc 6,7 and add gcc 10
cc1ddf78ef configure: Add no-error=stringop-truncation
0288f81f78 picload: use str::to_string instead snprintf
d6c5244c73 actions: add missing initializer on call_entry constructor
e1fd4760c5 filepush: part four.
eb5e929143 configure: add -Warray-bounds=1 warning/error.
649a9b91f5 configure: add -Werror to compile flags. We're now up to it.
e756a4ad51 configure: remove LTO linking.
d424f530df Add CI workflow using Github Actions
c3007b0dfc setup.xml: fix displaying show columns entry (#2824)
b0b4a0ee38 gcc: silence object size warning
2c12376d3e gpixmap: add missing gPalette constructor
7fbdf718f0 gcc: silence sign compare warnings
9f28e38fbd gcc: silence unused result warnings
d64fada2da gcc: silence alloc warning
ecdfc175f7 gcc: use intmax_t and %ju on printf for off_t variables
5a55c21a04 gcc: silence strncat warning
1e7a765ded bsod: make available oops for arm
a01b962963 gcc: silence switch enumaration warnings
e6d70834d9 gcc: silence parentheses warnings
015cb10ca6 gcc: silence sign compare warning
617b445ca6 gcc: silence format warnings
382cb60648 fixed striped subtitle line, thanks BCW
bac348b6b7 Norwegian Bokmål translation update, 2020-12-22 (#2823)
89ea2fe8f4 limit the number of lines from debug logs to prevent an OOM crash
042eaea9d9 filepush: decrease debug level of handled signal message.


ffdbef48  ffmpeg: add libv4l2 support
8b7bbe45  update satdreamgr patches
f74cf53a stremlink: update license checksum
3e3a7831 Update
8a791e67 update hbbtv plugin dashdemux->dash
06726ad7 update streamlink to python 2.7 supported repo
24aabc13 Revert "streamlink: update to 1.7 the last python 2.7 support"
a684bde0 Update (#904)
745b4921 Update
ccf8f993 fix exteplayer3 (switch repo)
9f428edb fix dvdauthor
9052614f feeds: add python-youtube-dl
939de450 update edision submodule
3f748abd update edision submodule
bd545948 update octagon submodule