Repair the remote


Repair the remote

Applies to all remote and not just to dream.

In remote have mostly 2 problems, the first is when you start from the frequent use of the most commonly used keys to disobey, or when something is spilled on the remote.

Tips to disassemble it, and rubber keys wash with lukewarm water with soap and a brush (for painting or for my Pinel of whitening) means and exterior and interior with graphite coating. The other part of the slab with IRDiodom clean gasoline, the best one ZIPPO lighter, and soak an old handkerchief, in no way anything else, the type of alcohol, acetone, cotton bud, cotton wool, tampons, so it no use.

Checking the validity of any district with IRDiodom, point the remote at the camera phone and the cell phone screen if you have the correct remote vidit flickering light when pressing

The second most common case is when the remote "unprovoked" suddenly no longer a sign of life, the "unprovoked" implies that when folks swear that no one is knocked out of his hands then drop the remote has resulted in damage to Quartz, not to the interpreter what are the components, which has interests Wikipedia, rarely happens that without hitting hurt quartz, and it is easy to change, and not very difficult obtainable. In this case you have a graphic example of the remote DM800HD SE Frrari team, also note that there are multiple versions of the audit of internal plate remote, so the difference in the chip and Quartz.



Quartz is in this case