Radegast v.4.2 Rel 5

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el5 (2007-04-03)
- [distro] * changed "beta" status to "release"
* attached libcrypto.so.0.9.7 because some dreambox' images has stripped down version without all required symbols for rdgd.
- [nagra card] fixed searching for rsa boxkey in config
- [core] - fixed uninited caches if not enabled in config
- reimplemented "net console" option in very simple way = only one connection allowed, no command interpreter
- [sharing] - enabled resharing possibility, added caching there
- fixed bug which stops reconnecting in case when login fails
- from now can be used named mode instead of numerical value inside "net share" option ('rdgd', 'newcamd', 'push-rdgd', 'push-newcamd')
- added simple detection of unwanted resharing ("reader xxx resharing detect = note")
- added possibility of use named sharing mode (1 = rdgd, 2 = newcamd, 3 = push-rdgd)
- [mod-con-webmin] added some more statistics, mainly per-user based but also for remote server
- [irdeto card] - fixed card emm processing
- camcrypt enhanced
- [module] API version 4.12
- [newcamd proto] - fixed serious bug in client removal code
- reenabled nagra EMM after accidental removal
- fixed restoring SID in reshared packets
- [core] reworked system logging to better fit admin needs:
debug mode+level can be combined now.
network-init, network-login, network-ecm, network-emm, network-admin
card-init, card-ecm, card-emm
emu-init, emu-ecm, emu-emm
keys-init, keys-check
internal-init, internal-config
error, warning, notice, debug
- [nagra] fixed MAP57 on ppc
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