Premier League condemns beoutQ piracy

The Premier League has issued a statement saying that it is aware of new evidence presented by beIN Media Group, which further demonstrates that its content is being illegally broadcast in Saudi Arabia and made available in several countries across the Middle East by the beoutQ pirate channel.

“Like other sports and content providers, our model is predicated on the ability to market, sell and protect commercial rights,” says the League.

“The broadcasters and licensees who acquire these rights legitimately, like beIN Media Group, make our competition available to fans across the world, and their investment underpins our ability to support Premier League clubs in continuously working to make the competition as compelling as possible,” it explains.

The League says it has already appointed legal counsel in Saudi Arabia to begin the process of bringing action against the parties involved in this piracy, and has also made representations through the Sports Rights Owners Coalition to the European Commission and made the UK Government aware of the issue.

“As the legitimate Premier League rights holder across the Middle East and North Africa, we will continue to work with beIN Media Group to bring this highly organised and sophisticated illegal broadcast piracy to an end,” it asserts.


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I have to move to a arabian country. More fun with piracy and less problems with legal prosecution LOL