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The Flubber suite includes the following components:

* 2.6.9 kernel
* 2.6.9-dream-s8 kernel for the 7020
* 1.09 enigma (28-07-2006)
* 1.1.0 Head.ko
* Front Processor version 1.06 for DM7000
* Front Processor version 1.01 for DM7020
* Squashfs 2.2-r2 with LZMA-compression for the dm5xx(x) and dm7000 boxes
* Tuxtxt v1.98
* Web Interface: 5.9.7-Expert - PLi edition

New in Flubber

* MultiEPG has been updated to show a Picture in Graphic (PiG). This works for the dm7000 and dm7020 boxes. Unfortunately, due to hardware limitations, the dm5xx(x) boxes do not support PIG. Instead a placeholder will be shown instead. Flubber includes a special fix to also make this work for NTSC systems. The event genre is now also shown in the event description window (when available). Now in Flubber you can even use '<' and '>' to quickly jump backward / forward in time.
* Flubber supports reading 32-bit (!) png images as skin images and writing 32-bit osdshots. The Enigma internal picture viewer now works in 32-bit colormode for dm7000 and dm7020, and 8-bit mode for dm5xx(x), which now at least allows to show images on dm5xx(x). Scaling, resizing, and pan images has also been implemented. See the technotes pages.
* The Skin/OSD on dm7000 and dm7020 still defaults to 8-bit colormode, but a 32-bit version of the default skin (MediaPLi) is available, to enjoy the pleasure of a full 32-bit OSD. The reason for not setting the default to 32-bit, is that several boxes show occasional green glitches in the mpeg stream, while they are in 32-bit mode. As it seems due to hardware/driver limits. We suggest you try for yourself how your 70x0 box works with 32-bit, so it is up to you to use either the 8-bit or 32-bit version of our revolutionary MediaPLi skin. Note that we have hugely improved the 8-bit possibilities for skins, by parsing palette colors from the skin images. So owners of 8-bit boxes are certainly not left behind.
View attachment 603
See the skin technotes for more details.
* As of this version you can choose where EPG data will be stored. Until now, this data was always stored in memory. When large amounts of EPG data were read, performance of the box degraded, due to lack of free memory. Within Flubber you can choose between two storage locations:

o EPG Memory store: The conventional way of epg data storage. This is the default.
o EPG SQLite store: Data is stored in a SQLite database, which resides in a file.

The EPG SQLite store supports storing over a network! (e.g. via CIFS). See the EPG store technotes for more details.
* Skin:

o for skindevelopers: introduction of the 'c' specification for centered positioning. This makes it easier to develop TV-system independent skins. The 'c' takes the center postion of the parent (client)rectangle. Use it in the same way as the 'e' specification. To center a widget of 500 by 300 pixels position="c-250:c-150" size="500:300". See the skin technotes for more details.
o Now support gauges for progress bars. Both gauges and progress bars do support images, again, the MediaPLi skin demonstrates what is currently possible with your new Flubber image.

* See the skin technotes for more details. Commercial skip: use the '<' and '>' (next to '0' key) to quickly skip 15 seconds back or 60 seconds forward in the recording you are currently playing
* Mount manager now supports hostnames as well as ip-addresses
* Added possibility to move /var to CF card
* Added var_flash dir, this dir is allways mounted to the flash dir so can be used for copying the animations
* Proper support for NTSC in OSD. The default MediaPLi skin is properly set so all OSD screens do fit for both PAL and NTSC. Furthermore, all built-in enigma windows are centered, on PAL as well as NTSC. (note that when a widget is defined with a height > 480 there is nothing we can do for NTSC)
* Reintroduced asking for TV system: Now users again can select their TV-system (PAL/NTSC) after flashing, making it easier to properly configure PLi in the setup wizard.
* Added the genoSUAVE North American satellites lists (DishPro / Legacy)
* And we have done even more for our N.A. users: with Flubber, PLi now fully supports the USA DishNetwork EPG. Dish EPG is fully integrated into PLi's enigma, so all currently available EPG viewers will automatically be able to use it. (thx to the Nitro team for the Dish decryption routines)
* The used satellites.xml is now dependent on the timezone which is selected at first startup. After selecting a timezone the satellites.xml used in that area will be copied to /var/etc. For now only Europe and North America are available
* On zap an optional minizap OSD is shown. This OSD will go away after a timeout. When 'OK' is pressed, the minizap will expand to the full infobar. This is nicely demonstrated in the default MediaPLi skin.
* Removed camx/serverng softcam/cardserver and added CCcam v1.2.1 as default in the dm5xx(x) boxes. CCcam is in "ROM" now (and not removable).
* The minimal dm5xx(x) VAR-size is now 27%! Achieved by moving CCcam to "ROM"
* PPanel:

* - download fix, now via eHTTP
* - downloads can be aborted now
* - installed packages are marked in the download menu
* - software management is refreshed after download of a new menu
* - added support for mp3, streaming mp3, video files and text files
* - added download indicatorbar
* - remove manual install files (*.tar.gz) in /tmp after manual install to free memory

* WebIf: added Enhanced SatFinder (Zoom)
* Last Scanned userbouquet feature. During scanning an userbouquet "Last Scanned" will be made for the TV,Radio and Data services. This bouquet will show all found services.
* Start your plugins via the help-button on your remote. Edit the registry: "s:/ezap/plikeyfunction=plugin#pluginname.cfg" to start your defined plugin, or "s:/ezap/plikeyfunction=plugins" to create the same function as your yellow button.
* Bouquette down key brings you to the bouquet list instead of poviderlist
* Bouquet up/down in MultiEPG opens the service selector in bouquet mode
* Outside MultiEPG, the bouquet down key now also activates to the bouquet list instead of povider list, so you can conveniently open the service selector and scroll to the desired bouquet, with either up or down
* Added Rebuild Movielist (Dream - File Mode - Playlist [yellow button] - Dream - Rebuild Movielist)
* Fixed an off by one minute in the remaining event duration, in OSD now/next
* Cron job is fixed for dm5xx(x) boxes
* Introduced help texts for virtually all enigma windows (activated using the 'help' key on your remote)
* DM7020 help texts translated into English (used to be German)
* Removed smb-client and Samba-server from the dm7000 image, moved to downloads in the software manager
* Frysk language update

General features

* Custom PLi Web Interface
* OSD supports: Yellow Button - Addons/Plugins, Blue Button - PLi Setup
* Softcam / Cardserver setup incl. Sticky SoftCams
* FTA detection: no more softcam switching when zapping FTA channels in sticky softcam mode
* Private EPG for Premiere
* Manual (un)install of plugins/addons etc
* Enable/disable automatic download of software menu
* Extra Tools: Check Cronjobs & Free Space; ECM-, Memory-, Mgcamd-Info, NetStat, Process list
* Settings to control infobar on Zap and OK
* Skin:

* - MediaPLi default skin
* - 3 skin modes selectable from PLi image setup
* - Custom background images for radio and file mode
* - Name of the current running emu (e.g. 'CCcam')
* - Video format of the current service (e.g. '704x576 4:3 25 fps')
* - Caid types supported in the current stream (yellow)
* - Currently used Caid (green)
* - Frequency, FEC, Polarisation, Symbol rate
* - Indicator for teletext
* - Indicator for extra audio options

* Language Setup
* /var indicatorbar in Pli setup
* Var to CF/HDD/USB
* Debug Settings
* Create your own script control panel under the Blue Setup button
* Firewall ready
* Crond ready
* Dropbear
* Password change allowed by user to any password
* Games ready
* CIFS enabled
* New filenaming of your Recorded Movies:
* Multiview
* MultiEPG
* Full Media Highway EPG support for ALL Media Highway EPG providers
* Menu Language selection in your own native language
* Multiview Icons hosted in /share/tuxbox/enigma/pictures/mvicons,
this reduces /var with 300Kb!
* Add/change/update your icons in /var/tuxbox/config/enigma/pictures/mvicons
* Firewall for the 7020
* VCR recording for the 500
* LCD animation manager via PPanel download
* Autostart gSUB if available, configurable in PLi image setup
* PPanel updates including plugins, packages and progress indicator
* CCcam SoftCam standard onboard on dm5xx(x) boxes
* No SoftCams onboard on dm70x0 boxes, ALL to be downloaded
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PLi Flubber The Sequel(dm7020)

The "Flubber The Sequel" suite includes the following fixes/updates:

* Virtual remote on webinterface fixed for the DM7020 boxes

* Internet Explorer does not handle PNG pictures properly with transparancy. This causes problems when using the virtual remote in the web interface. Use instead

* Enigma crash fixed, when zapping over a "Service could not be found". This causes also the ALBANIESAT 16 East crash
* Picviewer: Possible crash fixed when imagescaling fails
* Remote Control:

* - Added MultiEpg stuff for all rc's
* - DM500/DM56x0: Exit key fixed, was our fault when updating to MV 3.5

* PLisetup: Harddisk sleeptime handling fixed
* MultiView EPG:

* - Added epgidx
* - MV does not read text epg.dat anymore but only binary data
* - Updated icons by RickHunter

* Subtitling:

* - Made black subtitle backgrounds a bit transparent
* - 'endless' subtitle display fixed
* - Small timing/queueing bug in subtitle queueing fixed

* Keyboards: MultiEPG scrolling with external keyboards fixed
* PVR mode:

* - Added stepForward / stepBack keys
* - Help description for < > keys fixed

* Index markers: Parsing fixed for recorded movies
* OSD: Changed eMessageBox default position so it nicely fits below the back_top in maxiZap
* MultiEPG:

* - Show date of first time in timeline in front of the timeline
* - This will make it easier to see where you are in the EPG bush
* - The date format is for example "fri 18 aug"

* MultiEPG/Bouquets: loop fixed
* Softcams: Allways start the default softcam at startup or at restart softcam
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PLi® Garnet

2.6.9 kernel
2.6.9-dream-s8 kernel for the DM7020
Enigma CVS 19-12-2006
1.1.0 Head.ko
Front Processor version 1.06 for DM7000
Front Processor version 1.01 for DM7020
Squashfs 2.2-r2 with LZMA-compression for the DM5xx(x) and DM70x0 boxes
Tuxtxt v1.99
Web Interface: 5.9.7-Expert - PLi edition

Flashing general:
- When you press the Arrow UP during booting, a FlashErase will follow, as everybody knows from the DM7000.
When you install a newer image, the backup function is still executed.
Do only a flasherase without backup when you request it explicitly!
=== IMPORTANT Flashing DM500 Howto ===
When you upgrade from a DM500 MaxVAR image (modified partition layout) to a PLi Garnet DM500 (standard partition layout)
You NEED to flash your box with a serial cable to do the upgrade
Flashing with root.cramfs or with FlashWizard will fail!
The reason is the smaller filesize of the MaxVar root partition:
o DreamBOX jffs2 on a DM500 MaxVAR: 0x00600000-0x007c0000
o DreamBOX jffs2 on a DM500 Standard: 0x00500000-0x007c0000

A MaxVAR image uses a smaller root partition then a standard image, that's why /VAR is bigger. So if you want to flash a standard image into the running MaxVAR image it won't fit in the smaller partition! To get rid of this MaxVAR sized partition you need to flash it with a serial (RS-232) cable.

TV-System Wizard:
- Replaced by A/V System Settings screen
o This allows setup of your tv-system AND colorformat etc... right after Flashing
o Allow TuxTXT/MultiEPG position setting from wizard. When switching between PAL/NTCS, default position settings are stored
- Show position and size in TuxTXT/MultiEPG position screen

- Better volume scaling
- MP3/Ogg/Flac added:
o Fix playing VBR MP3 files!
o Support Ogg/Vorbis files
o Support FLAC files
- OSD MP3/Ogg/Flac info:
o Show vorbiscomments and id3 tags in OSD using 3 lines of the OSD fileInfoBar
o Show mp3 version+mono/stereo, samplefrequency, bitrate info using the vidformat, fq_val and sr_val skin variables
- Updated to latest libmad and libid3tag
- Event info from http streams is shown in OSD fileInfoBar
- Allow skip forward/backward
- Support 12-hour clock mode
- Improved error checking and reporting for harddisk setup
- Cleanup/Revised cardinfo script. It now also works for CCcam 1.3
- Nicer work environment in Telnet sessions: color prompt and a few usefull alias commands
- Added timer offset setting to Extra Systemsettings Menu (equals to settings allready available in WebIf)
- Upgrade IPtables to version 1.3.5
- IPtables TCP module added
- Confirmation added for "Rebuild movie list"
- Nano Editor added to DM7000 image
- In FileMode Left/Right will zap back/forward to the markers in your recordings
- Last Scanned userbouquet is now really last scanned, it will be erased as soon as you find a new service
- Allow jumping to begin characters of service names, when adding services to a bouquet, or while being in bouquet editmode
- From TransponderEdit screen allow direct jump to Manual Scan screen (usefull for Feedhunters)
- Make clear 0000 is not a valid pin for Parental Lock of setup lock. Only a textual change will do!
- North America AC3 pid fix, THX to DSM
- Make stereo the default audio mode
- Only show the LCD Shot feature only on hardware with a LCD
- Translated a large part of Enigma texts to Dutch and Frysk (except for the Dream HELP-menu)
- Many internal changes and fixes

- CCcam updated to v1.3.1
- A bootlogo for the DM500
- The "Blue button" adds a switch event, when you are in one of the EPG viewers (just like in DM70x0)
- Fixed the missing 'Record DVR' in DM500, "green button" from a EPG viewer now creates a DVR timer event, instead of a switch
- Fix for MultiView EPG (MV) so that it doesn't crash Enigma

- Fix CIFS mounts in PLi SetupNetwork, called from rcS
- Support hostname resolving in busybox for CIFS/SMBFS mounts
- Make SetupNetwork in Enigma tree a bit more foolproof
- Added possibility to put Swap on CompactFlash card
- Changed the way (auto)mounting is being used.
o There were two ways, now there is only one!
o The one already used by the WebIf (using mount.conf) is now also being used by SetupNetwork and Enigma
- OSD mount manger: added a button to remove a Mount entry.

PLi Image Setup:
- Added harddisk used percentage bar
- PLi Image Setup locking
- Layout much nicer now
- Fixed Digiturk and Arena audio in Language Setup
- Picon enable/disable added
- Tools Menu removed, is Backup/Restore menu now
- Added 12-hour clock support
- Storage directory for SQLite and Enigma EPG/Private EPG can be choosen
- Switch to show SNR values in dB
- Switch to show seconds OSD clock (if your skin has enough space for it)
- Switch to disable showing EPG events in webif zap menus to speedup webif startup
- Define number of service to view in MultiEPG
- Checkbox to select if EPG data should be shown in WebIf channellists
o (if you dont need the EPG info the WebIf is loaded much faster)
- All Services to Run are started without a reboot
- Support for Inadyn
- Commercial skip times (forward and backward) can be altered in PLi setup
- Added Frysk language

- FTP downloads added
- Scramble URLs fixed for all downloads
- PPanel recovery also in case of parse errors
- Added Writing to Enigma config
- Added a way to send webcommands
- Added a way to hide PPanels while running
- Packages can be installed without removing the old version first
- Added Download check for all downloads from internet
- Possibility to edit the registry via a PPanel
- Added PLiKey PPanel, with this PPanel you can assign a plugin to the HELP-button on your remote control
- Fix crash in <media> variable if picture or another file can not be downloaded
- See the PPanel Tutorial in the image for all details!

Software Management:
- Packages can be installed without removing the old version first
- More clear installer messages
- Inadyn plugin added, source THX to aalex77, rewritten to PLi® style
- Serveral bug fixes

- Channel EPG can be opened by MENU-key while in PiG EPG
- Storage directory for SQLite and Enigma EPG/Private EPG can be choosen. You can move the storage on the fly, it's possible to see the following messages
o "This directory is suitable for storage"
o "This directory has not enough space" (you will need 20MB for SQLite, 50MB for MemStore)
o "This directory does not exist"

o Reboot your box before enabling SQL-lite
o The Enigma EPG storage directory is only used when rebooting or shutting down your box, this EPG data will be read after starting up your box again
- Update MV: changes of v3.5.1b -> v3.5.2 merged into our sources
- Dish Now/Next fixed in the skin
- Several Dish EEPG fixes

- Timebar is now aligned on 30 minute intervals
- Updated icons
- Optionally show channel icons.
o Borrowed icon images and /var/tuxbox/config/mv/icons.esml from MV!
- Use PiG space for Infobox if PiG doesn't work on your box
- Number of Infochannels can be set via EPG Settings in PLi Setup
- Fontsize can be set via EPG Settings in the PLi Setup
- Don't open PiG when in Radiomode
- Don't open PiG when we have No Services
- Don't open PiG on DM500 and DM56x0 boxes
- Replace top help line with hint to use HELP-key. Also extende help text a bit

SqLite storage:
- Improved the EPG viewer response

- Garnet Radio & MP3 Backgrounds & Bootlogo's
- eNumber element can now center contents vertically using skin property 'vcenter', or (for plugins) the widget property flagVCenter
- Added File date to fileinfo in status bar
- Also show fileinfo for pictures
- Show filesizes in kB if the file is less than 10MB
- Show RDS in fileInfoBar when in Radio mode
- Renaming MP3, FLAC and Ogg/Vorbis files is allowed
- Added per channel progress bar in zapView
o As an extra bonus, EPG info is updated when scrolling through the zaplist
- Cosmetics for EPG descriptions in zapView: remove parenthesis and use separate color (epg.time.background)
- Strings in eTextPara are clipped to the space that is definded for them (This is probably a bug in Enigma and Enigma2)
- Improved helpwindow scrolling
- Made alpha setting in 32-bit more more granular
- PLicons in skin using skin variable 'plicon' added.
o Use it as <eLabel position ="0:34" name="plicon"/>
o Borrowed icon images and /var/tuxbox/config/mv/icons.esml from MV!
o Note: using plicons is NOT a must for skin developpers...

- Timer list: Repeating timer weekdays: show alternating * for non-programmed days
- Increase alpha range in 32-bit mode a bit
- Updates to default.esml to adapt to 12-hour clock
- Only show motor settings when motor is enabled in Satellite Configuration

- Scale down JPEG images to max twice screen resolution when loading the image.
o This should solve Enigma crashes when viewing large JPEG images!
o People should not try to view such large images in other formats...
- Moved scale/noscale function from 'ok' button to 'help' button. Leaving it on 'OK' seems to unscale images directly...

Web Interface:
- Fixed Timer Edit in case of "strange" characters in description
- Allow minute based timer edits when editting a timer event (was per 5 minutes)
- Allow combined Screen+OSD shot
- Screen/OSD shots are shown in full native size (no resizing anymore)
- Fixes for OSD/LCD shots on PDA's
- Show which channel is being recorded in the WebIf
- Only show motor settings when motor is enabled in Satellite Configuration
- Fixed menuitem mouseover css
- Added Recording Indicator
- Fixed IE7 detection, Ticker & Web-X-TV
- Added Minifinder - adapt SNR bar-width for dB
- Fixed Aspect Ratio for a screenshot (without OSD)
- WebIf mount: added server name again in table and give it a seperate column

- First see if /var/etc/vsftpd.conf exist, if not use /etc/vsftpd.conf
o This way the user can override the config by placing a config file in /var/etc as requested
- Vsftp version 2.0.5, solving the 2GB limit
- Fix FTP server problem when downloading from CIFS mounted shares

- Bugfix for stopping Newcamd
- Updated Gb*x script for faster zapping

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The Original PLi® Helenite suite includes the following components:

Enigma 26-03-2007
Latest Dreamfiles and Dreamdrivers
Tuxtxt v1.99
Web Interface: 5.9.7-Expert - PLi edition

The Original PLi® Helenite suite contains the following images:


Use the download URL below to be sure to download our original PLi® images.

PLi® Helenite images

See below for whats New, Fixed & Features

- Enable kernel nfs server for dm7000/7020 (FAQ will be available later)

- Complete new Enigma menu with complete new menus.
- Integrated PLi image setup into the new Enigma menu
- Fixed HDD/CF detection on dm7020
- Get skin now/next from EPGcache (till EIT arrives)
- Show skin streaminfo again in filemode
- Improved movieplayer performance and stability
- Auto audiotrack selection now avoids AC3, if AC3 not preferred
- 7020 and 600: Added possibility to reboot in **STOP** mode, from 'software update' menu

Mount manager:
- Mount manger is now a dynamic list and stays active all time
- Webinterface only shows defined mounts and has an ADD button again
- OSD interface shows mount status
- OSD interface mount/unount is one button with function depending on mount status
- OSD interface has new button to create a new mountpoint
- Added network mounts in file mode screen
- Added network mounts in several setup screens
- Added network mounts in webif/movie menu
- Made network mounts less picky for trailing slashes

- Add EPG category coloring

- Update timezone info to 2007c
- First look in /var/etc/for a timezone.xml file
- Also check in /var/share/timezone for timezone files
- This way users can update/add timezone files themselfes

- MPG/MP3 playback: fixed most crashes and hickups
- Support for RRAS (german channels SWR3, Das Ding & Cont.ra)

- Improved network mount process during boot

DBEPG plugin:
- Use enigma epg database locations
- Remove datafiles after importing them

- Add timestamps to all enigma debug/warning messages

- Motorsetup was not always possible
- Mounting after formatting was not always correct
- Mountmgr in OSD was not always showing correct info
- EPG storage location
- Webif EPG screens for foreign characters
- Ipkg install in Setup plugin
- CF card detection in multiboot
- Preferred audio language setup (matches also part of the audio name)
- Czech preferred audio for Czech Link

- Cifs v1.45
- Recordings.epl can now be shared by multiple boxes
- Due to the changes for recordings.epl the web call reloadRecordings is now obsolete
- Parental lock has been changed
- Pin code check can be valid for x time so user won't have to enter pin each time
- Pin check can be disabled for x time after x times invalid pin entered
- Pin of 0000 is now also valid, let the user decide what pin he wants smile.gif
- Mount.conf has been changed, therefore it is not always compatible to previous versions
- Mountnames in /mnt have been changed
- Now obey the setting 'Timer stop offset' also when pressing record button second time to schedule duration or stoptime on current recording
- LCD display does not show seconds anymore
- Optimize radiotimes (db_epg) script
- Added ftpput/ftpget
- Dm7020: Support swapfile on mounted device (mount first, then swapon)
- NA (E)EPG: some minor fixes
- Optimalisations for the Webstream2DB plugin
- Updated Dutch translations

Known issues:
- German and Frisian languages are not up to date
- When network share servers are unavailable booting the dreambox may take quite long or amy not seem to boot at all.

Many low level changes fixes and other updates...

Detailed info, FAQ's, HowTo's and TechNotes can be found on the PLi® Website:
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Thx to PLi Team:

- Swap support for DM500 added

- CVS Repository 21 Nov 2007
- PLi® Repository 04 Dec 2007
- 28 Nov 2007 Drivers for DM500Plus and DM600
- Shuffleplay for MP3, MPG and JPG added
- Make Web-X-TV obey 'zapstream' setting
- Genre colors now as small bar
- Now/next updates in the OSD fixed
- Show Event Info instead of EPG selector, when info is pressed in the Filemode service selector
- Show Extended EPG Info at the bottom of the serviceselector screen
- 16bit Picviewer for DM600 and DM500Plus added
- BEV EPG support fixed, a BIG thx to updatelee
- DISH EEPG setting now also controls BEV
- Blindscan support for DM500Plus and DM600 added
- Section timeout fixed (fixes various EPG issues)
- 'Remove all new found flags' option added
- 'last scanned' services ordering fix
- /var_flash was not mounted after a Flash Erase on the DM7000 fixed
- Give the CDK boxes their own hosts file for SMB to work
- Newsticker in StopMode fixed
- The DM500, DM56xx and DM7000 have the same mount points as the newer Dreamboxes like DM600 and DM7020. Harddisk, USB and CF are mounted on /media/hdd etc. External mounts are mounted on /media/server1 etc. Just as in the DM600 and DM7020, there are still compatibility links to /hdd and /mnt.
- Improved and restyled Web-X-TV
- Title tags for Web-X-TV added

- CVS Repository 05 Dec 2007
- PLi® Repository 04 Dec 2007
- Wraparound in Menu's
- Basic PPanel support
- Zap with PIP
- USB stick automount
- Immediately save changes in Timer List
- Dream keyboard support in text config items
- Support for relative skin coordinates ( 'c' and 'e' )
- Console 'close on success' in several install screens
- Console scrolls to the bottom as new text arrives
- Initializing / Formatting Compact Flash card fixed
- Dutch frequencies in terrestrial.xml added
- Frisian language added
- Stay in plugin install screen after install, for faster installation of multiple plugins
- Fixed showing 'West' satellite names and positions, in Satellite Channel Selection screen

IPKG Packages available on the OpenEmbedded images:
- Openssh added
- Openvpn added
- Gdb added
- Lame added
- Ctorrent added
- USB2Serial kernel drivers for the DM70x0 and DM7025

Enigma2 Plugins:
- NFSserver
- Mountmanager (based on Ronaldd's code)
- Bitrate Viewer
- RSS Reader
- Lipsync Adjust
- Antilogo
- Softcam Setup incl. CardInfo
- Nano Editor
- Tuxterm uses an US keyboard layout

- Fixed streaming over Wifi
- Fixed 'no audio' bug
- Configuration file support added (/var/etc/zapstream.conf or /etc/zapstream.conf)
- Audio channel priority added
The preference language is read from the following source. In order of importance:
1) The 'lang=Eng' or 'langpid=0x5c' parameter in the url
2) Zapstream.conf
3) The enigma config file

- New Enigma1 skin widget: 'prov_name' for the providername
- New Enigma1 skin widget: 'softcam_info', it shows you the ECM info
- New Enigma1 skin widget: 'date' (like time)
- Enigma1 skin: the datestring can be configured for the OSD, example

Via the value "X" the time can be shown in several ways depending your 24hour or USA (AM/PM) timesetting.

X in the OUS way:
0: Mo, 24 Jan
1: Monday, 24 January
2: Monday 24-01
3: Monday 24.01
4: 24-01
5: 24.01

X in the USA way:
0: Mo, Jan 24
1: Monday, January 24
2: Monday 01-24
3: Monday 01.24
4: 01-24
5: 01.24

X + 8 will show you the year extra, example:
9 OUS: Monday, 24 January 08

X + 16 will show you the full year extra, example:
17 OUS: Monday, 24 January 2008

- Updated to version 3.5.2

DBEPG plugin:
- Channels.dat updated
- 'assies' as Dutch xmltv provider added (wolf seems to be down for a long time already)
- DBEPG, rt_uk script: Download latest channels.dat to current channels.dat location, instead of /tmp

- Online update support (IPKG feed) for OpenEmbedded boxes (DM500Plus/DM600/DM7020/DM7025)
- Global satellites.xml updated 22 Nov 2007

Many low level changes fixes and other updates...
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PLi® Iolite "2008 Edition" Images Suite 20071230 Rev.4014

This image release fixes some bugs and annoyances found in the initial Iolite release.

The Original PLi® Iolite 2008 suite contains the following images:


Use the download URL below to be sure to download our original PLi® images.

See below for what's New, Fixed & Features since the initial PLi® Iolite release

- CVS Repository 21 Nov 2007
- PLi® Repository 30 Dec 2007
- DVB subtitling: utterly revamped page composition handling. It is even improved upin in relation to the Helenite version!
- EPG: Don't mark all services 'seen', after receiving an MHW update. This allows us to s! till receive now/next EIT for those services. Now/next is usually more detailed than MHW
- Softcam Setup: don't restart cardserver when 'restart cam' is pressed (cardserver has its own restart button)
- Softcam setup: wait 5secs between starting Cardserver and Softcam
- Rotor WebIf: goto and store require hexadecimal position
- Remove all 'new found' flags fixed
- Softcam script fix. Make it more readable and less error prone
- Various packages installed in /boot: only remount /boot if it is a separate partition (should fix problems with multiboot situations)
- Fixed NFS server (No download needed anymore)
- Old mountpoints /mnt/... are automatically translated to the new mountpoint /media/...
- Compact flash and USB devices as recording media added
- Smaller network mount descriptions
- Movie directory is automatically created if it didn't exist
- Enigma EPG 5MB filesize limit can be disabled now

Enigma1 OpenEmbedded:
- Compatibility symlink /dev/fb0 for the DM7020 added
- Don't show 'swap' menu, swap is not actually created / used
- Don't show cron in 'services' setup
- Stbup & config file added
- Fixed software management for DM500+, DM600 and DM7020
- Fixed PPanel recovery for the DM600
- You can update from the initial Iolite to this Iolite '2008 editon' via telnet:

ipkg update
ipkg upgrade

and reboot your box

- CVS Repository 25 Dec 2007
- PLi® Repository 30 Dec 2007
- 20071128 drivers for DM7025
- IE fix for WebIf
- Setting to disable the 'spinner' added (busy animation)
- PPanels:
- 'condition' attribute fixed
- implemented (basic) 'tarball' element support
- SoftwareUpdate plugin: added confirmation messagebox before starting the update
- Mountmanager: default share 'hdd' instead of '/media/hdd'
- 'Pr! eferred tuner' setting implemented

Enigma 1& 2 Plugins:
- Softcam downloads: use our own newcs.xml and newcamd.conf so they work out of the box

Enigma2 Plugins:
- MovieRetitle plugin added
- Emailclient added
- Opencam SoftCam added
- Lastfm seems to be fixed
- Dyndns added

Skins Enigma2:
- Default picon size 70x53
- Updated picons: Canvas, Veronica, Animal Planet, Eurosport added
- Nemesis.BlackBox added
- Orbital position convertor added

- Smaller "long description" for network mounts
- Mountmanager now translates each mount point to a recommended mount point (/media/...)

- Online update support (IPKG feed) for OpenEmbedded boxes (DM500Plus/DM600/DM7020/DM7025)
- Global satellites.xml 22 Nov 2007

Many low level changes fixes and other updates...

Detailed info, Wiki, FAQ's, HowTo's, TechNotes and information about this and the previous PLi® releases can be found on the PLi® Website:

Image here now thanks Fullmonty
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PLi® Jade - for the Dreambox DM7020

PLi® Jade Images Suite 20080713 Rev.5335
The Original Enigma1 PLi® Jade suite contains the following images:


See below for what's New, Fixed & Features since the initial PLi® Iolite release

We think it is important to have a PLi® image twice a year available in summer and winter.

Therefore, we have decided to make a steady Release Candidate public.
As it is a steady Release Candidate, you might run into some unknown bugs.

Please report any issues or bugs on our forum, so we can fix it before the final release of Jade.

- EPG Search added
- Complete redesigned backup/restore menu
- Fully programmable Blue and Yellow buttons to any menu or Plugin/PPanel
- Complete redesigned network mount screen
- New movieplayer plugin as a full and better replacement for the VLCF plugin
- Permanent timeshift integrated in recording and playing menu
- Global worldwide Picon Sets added per Satellite / Provider

- CVS Repository June 29th 2008
- PLi® Repository July 18th 2008
- RC repeat fix
- Build non-LCD boxes without DISABLE_LCD, so binary plugins will work
- Don't shut the box down on fatal Enigma errors
- Enabled TimeShift for DM600
- 2nd stage bootloader: Auto reboot after flashing nfi (DM500+ DM600, DM7020)
- Improved BER
- Auto Adjust AGCR1 to improve BER after tuning (yet only available via the registry)
- Disabled fast zapping for DM500 and DM56x0
- Mount network mounts as first step so EPG can be on a network mount

- Build Streamts with large file support
- Install movieplayer by default on all boxes

[B]General openembedded images:[/B]
- Several ipkg improvements, speedups and bugfixes
- Ushare and djmount (uPnP mediaserver and client) added

- Added keyspan usb2serial driver (DM7020)

- ePicon widget added, used by skin and multiepg
* (uses serviceref piconnames, auto resizes picons to specified dimensions)
- X-Line skin updated
- Global worldwide Picon Sets added per Satellite / Provider

- Updated to version 5.3.9

[B]Network Mounts Fixes:[/B]
- If a network mount is edited in the web interface, it's automatically unmounted
- Use udhcpc config/deconfig script
* This solves the problem samba fails to start in case the DHCP assigns another hostname

[B]Network Mounts Features:[/B]
- Complete redesigned network mount screen DM7000 allows NFS V3 mounts too
- Support for NAS devices which cannot handle cifs Linux extensions
- /VAR can be easily moved to a network mount

[B]Web Interface Fixes:[/B]
- Several in web interface/movie source
- Several in web interface/remote control
- Several in web interface EPG
- PDA webif improvements by Jonc
- Updated working forum links in webif, now containing links to the PLi® wiki

[B]Miscellaneous Fixes:[/B]
- Several TuxTXT bugs
- More support for the DMM keyboard at several places
- Better remote control support for fx2 games
- Several fixes for Tetris
- Fixed the unresolved symbols issue for various SoftCams
- Sample PPanel can be uninstalled now
- LCD output for PPanels fixed
- Capacity in harddisk menu fixed
- RSS configuration path
- Improved harddisk detection
- Satellite setup fixes for more then 80 active satellites
- Recording and playing fixes if a network mount is unmounted
- For writing EPG data to a network mount
- Disable PIG on DM500+
- No longer use (part of) the recordingdescription for repeating events
* Just use the current date as additional description
* Extra info will be in the EIT file anyway

[B]Miscellaneous Features:[/B]
- Default zapstream for streaming to a PC
- Removed: "Show installed PPanels"
* All PPanels are visible in the plugin screen
- Complete redesigned backup/restore menu
- Support for dropbear in CDK images (DM500/DM56x0/DM7000)
- Permanent timeshift integrated in recording and playing menu
- Forward/backward skipping using the remote control number buttons
- "Blue button" completely integrated with Enigma Setup
- Fully programmable Blue and Yellow buttons to any menu or Plugin/PPanel
* (Removed: PLiKey ppanel)
- EPG Search added
- Added <menu> for PPanel to call any Menu from a PPanel
- Support for opening PPanels using an URL
- Movie directory automatically created and automatic fallback to internal harddisk if anything fails
- New movieplayer plugin as a full and better replacement for the VLCF plugin
- Swap menu added for oe boxes
- Ipkg support in PPanel
- Added DISH LNB setting support in Satellite configuration wizard (at first boot)

[B]OSD Fixes:[/B]
- Date in OSD fixes
- Cosmetic changes in the Timer Menu

[B]OSD Features:[/B]
- OSD is aligned according to OSD offsets

- CCcam Softcam updated to 2.09

- Thanks to ims for EPG Search, Movieplayer Plugin and several fixes
- Some EPG webif changes by Alphons (we've added it to the CVS repository)
- EPG Search based on Sourceforge Merlin project

- Online update support (IPKG feed) for OpenEmbedded boxes (DM500Plus/DM600/DM7020)
- Global satellites.xml updated July 5th 2008


PLI-Jade Dm7020 BU

PLI-Jade-Dm7020_BU 19.07.08

Backup für DM 7020 Multiboot (USB,HDD,CF)


Evocamd 2.17

Mgcamd 1.30d

Scam 3.26 Polsat AU

Cccam 2.0.9




Tux Commander

Und viele andere

Alle Sprachen zur Auswahl

Satank*ys Updater
und andere

K..s 19.7.08

removed attachment, old one and wasting space


PLi® Jade Final Dm7020
A new Enigma1 PLi® Dreambox release is available for download.

* PLi®-Jade-DM7020

See below for what's new & fixed since the initial PLi® Jade RC release

- Satellite.xml split in Ka, Ku, C, S, L band
- Remote control behaviour reverted to pre-Jade
* (Some remotes suffered from very bad reception in the Jade RC)
- North America scan fix by Updatelee
- CDK Flashtool: support flashing between standard partition layout and 'MaxVar' partition layout!
* ('Var' partition is erased when the layout changes)
- Rotor improvement for the OpenEmbedded (OE) boxes

- CVS Repository June 29th 2008
- PLi® Repository September 29th 2008
- CDK Flashtool: support flashing between standard partition layout and 'MaxVar' partition layout
* ('Var' partition is erased when the layout changes)
- Enigma Movieplayer fixed by ims
- Default sleeptimer now 30 minutes
- Insert and delete character support for DM500 remotes (Red and Green)
* Now Red (delete) en Green (insert) can be used.
* For all other boxes Vol+/Vol- and Red/Green can be used - it does not care...
- Remote control behaviour restored to pre-Jade
- Fixed 'DM7000 style' remote control for DM500
* (Added the ability to use the DM600, 7000, 7020 large remote on your DM500, DM56x0)
- Show serviceselector again with TV/RADIO key, but only if the mode already was TV resp. RADIO.
* Toggling TV/RADIO doesn't bring up the service selector
- Timeshift delay input value limited to 999 instead of 60 seconds
- Timeshift / recording support for DM500+ (settings equal to DM600)
- Rotor improvement for the OpenEmbedded (OE) boxes
* (Smooth start and faster rotating at 18 V, motor stop detection improved)

- Bitrate plugin fixes for NTSC

- Channelsetting reload in PPanel fixed

EPG Features:
- Use audio key for searchEPG in EPG channel

OSD Features:
- OSD transparancy setting in smaller steps for DM500+ and DM600 (5 instead of 25)

Web Interface Fixes:
- Some info in WebIf missing for IE fixed by ims

- Enable network and DHCP as default in case the Enigma config is not copied from /Var_init
* May fix some move /Var to network issues
- Do NOT add manually created mounts to the Enigma mount.conf
* It can cause double mounts if such a mount was already done in /Var/etc/init

Highlights DM500 MaxVar:
We've created 1Mb extra /Var space for you...
The removed items are now available via the PLi® downloads at the Software Management

We rebuilt the internal Flash tool completely!
So now you can flash back and forward between the standard PLi DM500 images and the PLi DM500-MaxVar images without using the serial cable!!!

We advise you to use the 'root.cramfs' method for this!
See the url below on how to Flash your DM500 via the 'root.cramfs' method:

See our DM500 Installation Wiki...

Moved to Software Management downloads:
- MV EPG plugin, Mediapli_8 skin, CCcam SoftCam, Cables/Terrestrial.xml, Translations, Games, traceroute, nslookup, IPtables, Netfilter drivers

- Thanks to Updatelee for North America scan fix

Thanks to the PLi testers for several fixes and features

- Online update support (IPKG feed) for OpenEmbedded boxes
* (DM500Plus/DM600/DM7020)
- Global satellites.xml updated September 29th 2008
* (DVB-S: FEC = Automatic; DVB-S2: FEC = Normal; DVB-S2 can't handle auto-FEC)
- Satellites.xml split in Ka, Ku, C, S, L band​


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PLi® Jade2 Images Suite 20090317 Rev.6300 for DM7020

[B]New features highlights:[/B]
- New tuxtxt plugin
- Tuxtxt subtitling (enable tuxtxt caching to get this feature)
- Current and next EPG can be switched in service selector using audio key
- Added "browse" selection in various menus
- Timeshifts can be recorded on a separate location now
- Selectable remote control channel

More new features:[/B]
- CVS Repository 11/01/2009
- PLi® Repository 18/03/2009
- Update to CCcam 2.0.11 for normal DM500 image and DM56x0 image
- Default CCcam selected in cam setup for non-maxvar DM500, DM56xx
- Updated encoding.conf
- Removed movieplayer in DM500 maxvar image(image became too large, it's downloadable now)
- Disable AC3, teletext stream recording added
- web-x-tv: added support for vlc 0.9.x
- Automatic LinuxExtensions correction for cifs mounts. Improves NAS compatibilty
- Added teletext as programmable yellow/blue button
- Support for slave harddisk on DM7020

- Web interface timer menu fixes
- Let exit key on a DM500 repeat to quit menus quickly
- Take time start and stop offsets into account if a recording is added using webif
- Fixed the save button (Green button) if unintentionally pressed in sat config screen
- Harddisk format fixes
- Default small silver remote for the DM500 and DM500+
- Zapstream fixes
- Solved wrong genre in webif channel EPG
- "x% in use" updated in filemode now
- Fixed service selector too near to window border
- Fixed possible problems if /var is moved to a network share
- RSS plugin fixes
- Fixed dropbear plugin
- Backup/restore fixes
- MV fix for illegal date/time
- Remove timeshift options for boxes which cannot timeshift

- Spanish language update by Corvus
- Estonian language update by Indrek
- Dutch language update by dAF2000
- Czech language update by ims

[B]Known bugs:[/B]
- Picons may not work if a satellite has both Ku and C band channels
- Unmounting network shares may not work all times
- Network settings may not be restored in backup/restore
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PLi® Jade3 Enigma1 Dm7020 23.06.09

New features highlights:
- Fixed MediaHighway EPG for Dutch 'Canal Digitaal' and Belgium 'TV Vlaanderen' provider
- Improved movieplayer

More new features:
- CVS Repository 31/05/2009
- PLi® Repository 14/06/2009
- CCcam updated to version 2.1.1 for normal DM500 image and DM56x0 image
- MultiEPG: font size of channel names are scaled too, just as the program name
- Turkish and Dutch translations updated
- Removed LAN selection box in network setup
- The global (all satellites worldwide) satellites.xml updated 15/06/2009 (DVB-S: FEC = Automatic; DVB-S2: FEC = Normal)

- Fixed MediaHighway EPG for Dutch 'Canal Digitaal' and Belgium 'TV Vlaanderen' provider

- Dutch language update by dAF2000
- Turkish language update by Kerem

Known bugs:
- There is maybe some rotor related bug in the Open Embedded boxes like the DM7020, DM600 and DM500Plus images.
* An online internet fix for the rotor users will be released soon.
- Picons may not work if a satellite has both Ku and C band channels

See our PLi® Wiki for more answers on your questions...

Many low level changes fixes and other updates...


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PLi® Jade3 - for DM7020 - 27.06.09

A new Enigma1 PLi® Dreambox release is available

[B]New features highlights:[/B]
- The DM500 Softcam and the Harddisk detection problems are fixed!

[B]More new features:[/B]
- CVS Repository 31/05/2009
- PLi® Repository 14/06/2009
- CCcam updated to version 2.1.1 for normal DM500 image and DM56x0 image
- MultiEPG channelnames are scaled too, just as the program name
- Turkish and Dutch translations updated
- Removed LAN selection box in network setup
- The global (all satellites worldwide) satellites.xml updated 15/06/2009
  (DVB-S: FEC = Automatic; DVB-S2: FEC = Normal)

- Fixed MediaHighway EPG for Dutch 'Canal Digitaal' and Belgium 'TV Vlaanderen' provider

- Dutch language update by dAF2000
- Turkish language update by Kerem

[B]Known bugs:[/B]
- There is maybe some rotor related bug in the Open Embedded boxes 
like the DM7020, DM600 and DM500Plus images.
* An online internet fix for the rotor users will be released soon.
- Picons may not work if a satellite has both Ku and C band channels


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PLi®'s OpenPLi v1.0 DM 7020 image STABLE available.

Release at 24/09/2010

- Filenames: openpli-1.0-dm800-20100912

Please reflash completely due to the big amount of changes

Always backup your settings before attempting an online update.