PGI v1.2, Moguera

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Change List for PGI 1.2

- Change: EPG database structure changes; after installing this image all existing EPG data will need to be refreshed
- Change: removed EPG 'Multi-TP' scanning flag from web interface; EPG for channels from other TPs is now read automatically
- New: left/right keys allow viewing the detailed EPG info in the epg list (press "EPG", then "i" on a program name and then left/right)
- Fix: power button "turn off with long press" behaviour is back to normal
- Fix: moving channels up and down in the Fav lists is working like it should
- Fix: corrected navigation in Fav list when one or more Fav groups have been deleted using PC-Editor
- Fix: EPG for DVB-T now shows program names properly
- Update: FreeType, mc, iptables, usb_modeswitch updated to the latest versions
- Downgrade: db.dat revision downgraded to R13329 to be compatible with the PC-Editor (purely a label, no data or db structure is affected!)

Special Notes for PGI 1.x

Besides all of the not so obvious (but countless) bug fixes there are several new major features that we introduce with 1.x releases. The biggest of which is the EPG handling. Most EPG code has been rewritten and the EPG data is now stored in a standard SQLite database. This means several cool things:

1) The EPG data is really persistent (provided you have HDD or USB device to store it) and will not be lost after a reboot
2) It is now possible to insert your own data into EPG database (think XMLTV, although some format conversion would be required)
3) PGI now supports EPG from more "non-standard" providers (see /var/etc/epg/private_epg_info file)
4) There is a new icon on the info banner with 'EPG' logo which appears when the box processes an EPG data stream
5) There is new addition to the web interface that allows you to select the background EPG scanning transponders

As if all of that was not enough, there are many nice improvements to the channel list where you can see lots of additional information for each channel, like the current event / upcoming event (Yellow button), the remaining time till the end of the current or start of the next event as well as the Transponder/Provider information footer. The favourites list has been enhanced too. You can now see the Favourite group name at the top of the list, the channel numbering in EACH favourite group starts with #1 and the same channel in multiple favourite groups is handled better now. Other additions include improved user interface and picons support.

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