PGI v0.4 Larve for Ipbox 9000HD

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PGI v0.4 Larve - 9000HD

Many thanks to uncle.f for contributing to this release!


- Based on GSA 11,485
- HD channels to function smoothly, thanks to fixed second driver.
- Newcs, mgcamd-1.33, incubus and mbox are installed, but are pre-configured only newcs and mgcamd.
- News busybox stable 1.4.13 installed.
The shell commands so that all the work, and the shell has a continuous history.
Moreover, the text editor nano is still attached to the console.
- Own card drivers.
- Streaming Player sbox fixed (server part):
Works better with encrypted channels, the quality of the stream.
- Changes to shorten boot scripts at boot time
- Color keys covered with scripts to change emus (see below)
- And other minor changes ...

Plugins and addons:
- Upgrade to 1.4.05 WebIF
- Upgrade Favpip-plugin to version 2.4.1
- Upgrade rss-plugin 0.0.2
- Upgrade bitrate-plugin 0.0.7

- Fix: No more panic when Webif is active while the box boots
- Favpip is now by default assigned to the red button, zooms the green and yellow of the emus.
- The yellow button starts the actual emu new, rather than the durchzuwechseln list of emus
- Multi-Boot config inserted into the image, it should solve the problems if we start from zb e2 zurückflasht
- CI modules are again correctly identified, no longer need an extra fix, this time actually
- New options in boot_services.cfg
Replaced - busybox ps by ps from procps

- Fix: after boot volume is not at 100% (now correctly saved and loaded again)
- Fix: No longer crashes during quick zap with the Abbreviated infobar
- Fix: ton supply MP3 player and Shoutcast plugin via optical output (Bitstream), even if it starts on a ton sander with ac3 (thanks to ARVY)
- Fix: No more problems if the MP3 player is executed after the shoutcast plugin.
- New feature: When you press in the EPG list the red button is called directly Plugin A IMDb
(known from favpip). One then obtains information on the selected EPG entry.
- In the Favorites list, you can with the left / right arrow key to jump between the groups (formerly known as Red and Green)
Also in the list of providers and satellite
- Edit Inquire password generally removed (Favorites, photographs ...), was just annoying
- German translation updated (thanks to byti and LaneThe2nd)

The image specific configurations are in / var / etc.

This specifies which services are started at boot.
Services are for example samba, nfs, newcs, etc.
In addition, here are the skin and the standard set emu.

List of zooms are available.
Is used by the Open button.

If the box crashes or is shut down properly, then change the next time you boot the mac address
the NIC.
In this file, you can enter a fixed mac address, which is always maintained, even after crashing.
Example of the contents: 12: BB: CD
One can only represent the three most recent change of address, the first three are always 00:13:18.
Not have this file, it will automatically use the current address.


With the fan scrplg script the fan-in boxes without HDD can be permanently disabled.
To run the script in the plugin script.

Functions on color keys

Red => Favpip
Yellow => Emu restart
Green => zoom mode switch.

Thx pacco
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