PGI 1.5.1 final


PGI 1.5.1 final
Thanks to pacco!

- Fix : EPG -column in the channel list did not appear immediately
- Fix : When a recording ends on a channel while you are in the time shift , the screen remains black
- Fix : The sleep timer could not be disabled once it has been turned on
- Fix : USB sticks were not recognized by the media browser if no other medium was connected ( ie neither HDD nor NFS)
- Fix : When transponder scan , the total number of transponders increased if no signal was present on the current transponder
- Fix : The last option "Sequence Repeat" was missing during initial setup of an LNB
- New : New script for downloading a current db.dat with current transponder list from the Internet (all channels and settings will be lost ! )
- Update: WiFi driver now recognize also sticks with the USB IDs: 2001:3 C15 ( RT2870 ) and 2001:3 C1B ( RT3070 )
- Update: busybox , dosfstools , dropbear , e2fsprogs , freetype , fribidi , iptables , mc sqlite , usb_modeswitch and satellite / transponder DB


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