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14-01-2007 14:30


Peter Pan Neverland 1.0

Technical Info’s:
* Enigma from: 26.12.2006
* GCC 3.4.4 Original CVS
* 5.9.7-Expert by Humsat
* Busybox 1.0.1
* Tuxtxt V1.99

Function Buttons:
* BLUE - Peter Pan Menu
* YELLOW - Quick Button (Configurable)
* RED - EPG active channel
* 2x RED - EPG system Menu
* GREEN - Sub services

* Own addon server
* Image Special configured for Nordic users
Menus in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and English
* Multi EPG on all channels using MV/Mplug
All in its own Menu.
* Special adjusted Webif by Humsat
* Webif Integrated guides
* Own survey and guestbook available from Webif
* Subtitles integrated using gSUB by Gruffy
* Own Media Player Menu, CD/DVD
* Satellite settings for Nordic users on server
* Menu preview of Own skins before download from server
* Webserver Menu
* Hdd/usb/cf Menu
* Inadyn Menu
* User script Menu
* Backup / restore Menu
* Peter Pan Info’s Menu
* Quick button configuration Menu
* Scandinavian character set in Txt-Tv
* Mgcam / Newcs preinstalled

NO keys available in image or server.

Peter Pan Neverland 1.0 can be installed in
both flash or multiboot on DB7000/7020

The Peter Pan Team wishes all users good luck using this
image and we hope you'll be satisfied with what we have
come up to this time.

A special thanks to all contributors and beta testers.


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DM-500s Peter Pan 1.08.2009 AfaCaN Backup

Backup and test these days the forum was created. 
There is no certainty Backupta with TimeBomp 
Nevertheless, the responsibility lies with the installation. 
Our forum does not accept responsibility. 

I recommend you get your backup before you install ... 
After installation, your backup Cccam.cfg var / etc is enough to throw into ..

Yellow key to plug-ins 
, CCcam info v1.1, hurforum News and Newspapers, Weather ezan time streaming tv 
, DreamNetcast v1.0 (TURKISH radio can listen to a lot of the internet) 
You can also add to the radio you want on your own.

Backupta setting updating. 
were added to the last channel 
I did this during a single channel list backupta


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Peter Pan Neverland 1.0 fix Orbita G2 Black CCcam 2.1.4 Turkish Original Mod by toddler 16.03.2010

- This image non time bomb
- Orbita G2 Black skin is used.
- CCcam 2.1.4 CCcam Info and image are integrated.
- 4 satellites with current satellites.xml file was added. (Turksat, Hotbird, Eutelsat, Astra)
- Channel list, list view at the help button to change the channel.
- Images are in Turkish and English language options.
- 83% of the memory is blank


Peter Pan Neverland Networkfix Xline CCcam 2.1.4 Turkish Original Mod by toddler 16.05.2010

- Time does not bomb.
- XLink been used for the skin. Skin on skin ayarlarýnda Basic XLink can be selected.
- CCcam 2.1.4 CCcam Info and It has been integrated into the image.
- 4 satellite was added to our current Satellites.xml file. (Turksat, Hotbird, Eutelsat, Astra)
- Channel list, look at the help key can be changed with the channel list.
- Ýmajda Ýngilizce Turkish and there are language options.
- What time zone is GMT +2, respectively Turksat Turkish language and DiSEqC settings, Astra, Hotbird and Eutelsat as ayarlýdýr. After you change if different settings have found.
- The previous version used in the Amiga called Planet high-resolution images instead of opening image used.
- 84% boþtur the memory.

Note: Turkish language file thanks for the asiBenlik'e.

A very fast imajdýr. Does not differ from the normal channels geçiþlerinden especially geçiþlerinin encrypted channel.

Thx toddler

DM500S Gemini 4.70 CCcam2.3.0 NoTime Bomb_infinity blue red_HD_By meteor_BACKUP

Backup is not installed on any of the channel list!

I put it up the list of channels in particular.
There have liked did not like.
who wants can list ....

4 satellite LNB settings:

1 - Turksat
2 - Hotbird
3 - Eutelsat W3
4 - Astra 19.2 is set to ...

** Backup also used the skins:

** infinity_red_blue_hd

Special Thanks: Maggy

** Turkish and English languages ​​and is available ...

** Integrated with CCcam 2.3.0.

** Web-x-tv fix

** CCcam info is integrated.

** Screenshot problem fixed.

** Ecminfo integrated.

Teletext ** is available.

** New useraddons s added.

** Guncel many satellite satellite xml were used.

** Channels done side by side with the help button.

** Occupancy rate is 30% ..

--- Backup the test given in the forum.
--- Still, the responsibility belongs yukleyene.

** After installation, your reserve CCcam.cfg var / etc to take to,
LNB compile your list, simply make your adjustments and channel.

Before installation, always ...!!! Take your reserve




Gemini 4.70 DM500s NoTime Bomb_infinity blue red_HD_By meteor_BACKUP.rar
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