after two weeks os trying i decided to ask for help to you guys, So let me start, my wetek card has died, so i decided to do all over again, because i didnt have the time to make a backu erh....., so, i was trying to remember how to accomplish this, i have burn my image to a new sdcard, In this case was openatv 5.3. After the initial setup install wetek feed and oscam 10660 ipk file, Next update sattelite.xml file to /etc/tuxbox and put a list of channels. copy the oscam.server file to /usr/keys, red button and restar cam. Nothing happens.

From the past two weeks im on this, and cant make it work.

I dont remember anyhting more that can be done.

Can anyone help me please. Thanks

On the OScam shows no ECM info

Sorry by the way if this is the wrong session.