OpenPLi soon


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U can see it from zip file size mate if its same like 44 etc then no kodi if kodi added it will be min 80 etc mb..No kodi added still..


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Sorry, I have some questions and would be great if there is
a youtube to show us openpli on this box. If there is one
can you please point me to?

Will this OpenPli image be able use vtuner and load any
usb driver from PLi repository?
In other words can I use a USB DVB-S2 external tuner? or more?

Can the image be updated using the software update?
Can I install any enigma2 panel (TSpannel) and be able to
to download any available ipk

Can I replace my DM8000 with this box (Play or 4K) to gain more speed,
less spinners and access to the same amazing stuff

I did some testing with Openpctv and I am disappointed by the lack of
flexibility and access to add features
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