OpenPHT for WeTek Core


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OpenPHT for WeTek Core

OpenPHT-Embedded- WeTekCore for mSD Card

This release includes an important fix for compatibility with Plex Media Server 1.0.0+ and builds for debian, ubuntu and new embedded devices.


Embedded builds for Odroid C2, WeTek Core and WeTek Play
Special Intel VAAPI embedded build for Sandy Bridge or newer cpu
Linux builds for debian (jessie) and ubuntu (xenial, wily, trusty)
Make seek steps configurable in advancedsetting.xml (RasPlex/OpenPHT#92)
Allow dts audio when dts-hd or ac3 transcode is selected
Use local server to resolve watch later, recommended and channel clip url
Add preference option for direct play of hevc videos
Add preference option for scanning localhost for server
Add support for mceusb_hauppauge remote (thanks [MENTION=260333]an[/MENTION]ythingtechaus)
Improved Italian translation for the default skin (thanks [MENTION=109941]nicolai[/MENTION]sotta)


Fix parse of PMS 1.0.0+ version (RasPlex/OpenPHT#94, RasPlex/RasPlex#514)
Fix empty line in video setting (RasPlex/OpenPHT#84)
Fix issue with some watch later and recommended videos
Fix auto-close of stereoscopic selection dialog
Fix jumping watch later selection in default skin
RasPlex/Embedded: Update to latest hyperion, linux 4.4.14 and latest rpi firmware

Known Issues

Windows SmartScreen could block the installer, use the Run anyway option to install
Auto-update of windows portable installs will fail and corrupt your portable instal