OpenAZBox PLi MOD HD Release - 2


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OpenAZBox PLi MOD HD Release - 2

Drivers of Fri Nov 30 01:00:11 CET 2012

Enigma 2 of 30. november

Kernel 3.3.1 Wed Nov 28 00:17:16 WET 2012

What is new:

- We are back to New (older) kernel, because of functionality and stability of old models

- Fixed HDMI issues, including khdmi overload

- Fixed problems with slow responding of STB after some time

- Fixed problems for Premium & Premium+ when they are in Combo mode (DVB-S2 + DVB-T/C)

- Several Fix on AZUp

- Fix and additions in AZPlay:

- Added [A/V settings+] in System settings for Interlace/Deinterlace options

- Added Video settings in System settings for Brightness and other parameters

- Fixed grab (OSD and Video are now scaled properly)


AZUp 2.2.7 Setup: