New WeTek Core OS 2.0 released by OTA update


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We're proud to announce that we start seeding the OTA update of WeTek Core OS 2.0

Introduced new WeTek remote services:
- Web interface,
- VNC server ( - Host: IP, Port: 5900),

Introduced new launcher features:
- Widgets
- Bing wallpaper

Replaced ES Explorer with a new default file manager

Introduce new WeTek Apps:
- Add 'Net Mounter' application for mounting Samba and NFS shares
- Update WeTek Media Player to 16.1-Jarvis-WeTekMediaPlayer-v3

Android features:
- Include Backup & Restore app
- Add more USB HID devices to WeTek Core Kernel defconfig

To access the web interface of WeTek Core, open the browser on your computer/tablet/smartphone, and type the IP Address of the device.

On the update, i advise to disconnect the HDD's.

After installing, i always recommend a reboot on WeTek Core.

If you need any help on these procedures, or want to make a new installation, you can check this Topic:

Fresh install