New secondstage loader dm500hd ssl84 from sim2


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Sim2 team just announced release of new secondstage loader for sim2 dm500hd
This release comes within the plan of sim2 for continuous software support for all sim2 dreambox types
Now sim2 dm500hd users can use latest original drivers without patching or modification also all latest plugins are working without problems

some important plugins like webinterface still needed minor fix to work

Just flash new sim2-ssl84 to the box by dreamup or internet explorer,reboot again the box to setup mode,flash the original image-without reboot flash sim2-ssl84 again -reboot

For flashing use the nfi version while the bin file included for backup purposes


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DM500HD sim2 84d bootloader

Sim2 released new boot loader for DM500HD!

DM500HD will use ssl84d and orginal drivers 01102013 for OE 2.0 based dmm images.
The new boot-loader used only with original dreammultimedia drivers 01102013.
Attached nfi and bin format for the loader.
Thanks fly out to the Sim2-Team for their continuous support for all sim products !

Thx Bassie for uploading