New feature for Zgemma H9 from release build 5.2.029 - Move image from NAND to SD card & enjoy larger flash size

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Guide how to move image to Micro SD card and
boot from Micro SD card for larger Flash Size.

This is particularly useful in the Zgemma H9 series (H9S, H9T, H9.2S & H9.2H) due to the 256MB flash, moving image from NAND flash to Micro SD card will allow the installation of both Kodi and QT Stalker and many other plugins and give you a much larger flash size.
8GB Class 10 Micro SD card recommended.

This guide is written for OpenViX, SD card booting was implemented in OpenViX release build 5.2.029, all credits go to Twol from OpenViX Team adding this feature.
For the purpose of this guide we have used a 8GB Class 10 Micro SD Card and Zgemma H9 series receiver newly flashed with OpenViX 5.2.029, basic setup with no extra plugins.​
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