new abipbox


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Here is the New

Not only satellite receiver
but also a
media box
and it runs on

Of many a Media player was already suspected that someday comes, which is combined with a satellite receiver.
now it's almost time, it comes on the market and is called


XBMC is the well-known operating system from the XBox.
This system is open source and there are many Aps them. The box itself and the software developed by wiurde Marusys and comes with a Linux operating system. As a result, there are again many ways including softcams. The operating system will not be Enigma. The box will be available around the end of August in larger numbers. The Genaralimporteur for Germany is our board sponsor SatKing be, also the service takes over in case of repairs or warranties. Here are a few key facts: H / W Specifications System Resource: PNX8496 CPU-1250DMIPS NAND Flash: 4Gb DRAM: 8bit * 4Gb HDD 2.5 "HDD Supported - Easy Mounting System Front End Tuner Type DVB-S2 No. of Tuners:. 2 Connector Type: IF Frequency Range: 950 ~ 2150 (Satellite) LNB Voltage (S): 13/18 22kHz: YES DiSEqC (S): YES Dual Tuner Support: YES WiFi: YES - Built-in Wi-Fi System 3D Graphics: OpenGL ES2.0 YES Front Pane: l Common Interface 1 Smart Card Reader: 1 Front Display: 12 Digit VFD front buttons: Standby button Front LED: YES Rear Panel: Rear RF In YES RCA: YES S / PDIF: YES HDMI: YES RS-232C: YES Rear USB 1 Ethernet: YES Fan: YES Power: Cord (Fixed / Detachable) Adaptor 12V dc 3.5A S / W Specifications UI: XBMC PVR USB: YES Loader Version 1 USB upgrade: YES Internet upgrade: YES Ethernet upgrade: YES Max channels: over 10000EA Channel Playlist: YES EPG: YES OSD Language Support: as in XBMC CI: YES - No. CI + Add-Ons: YES - Various XBMC add-ons supported browsers: YES 3D Graphics: YES HDD File System: FAT32, NTFS (read only) Flash File System: JFFS2 or YAFS2 Media Type: MKV, AVI, MP3, MP4 and others Fan Speed ​​Control: Automatic DVB Subtitile: YES Teletext: YES Blind Scan: YES HDMI-CEC: YES