My vusolo2 FPGA update..


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my solo2 is on the blink, turned it on 2 nights ago and im getting Hw error on the display, Box was not being flashed or worked on at the time. there was a usb stick stuck in the front usb port with movis on it but that there most of the time and has no images on it.
Reciever was bought from on sept 2013 and is a genuine vu product, I checked the receiver with that 'show the love' checksite and compared the box with the clone pics online and the box is def not a clone, I don't think clones of the solo2 were about then anyway.
The receiver goes through the motions of flashing an image , finished comes up on the display and it gives an 8 sec countdown to restart,i then remove the usb stick and when it starts up it is says installing fpga, and after a while reading the usb (which is not plugged in by the way)writing and eventually 'Hwerror' displays on the vfd.
I try this FPGA Installation – Vu+ WIKI and i dont have the file for driver TS PRO.dat
so i cant flash for other image unless BH image its too old and old drivers
Please if you want any questions please send me pm
If you want send and ask me who found driver for update my Vusolo2
Thanks advance.
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