Mgcamd link install + Free Mgcamd lines


Now mgcamd installiation so easy ... you can use this link

wget -O /tmp/ "" && chmod 777 /tmp/

How to use this link:

Copy link and use DCC or any telnet program and run this link as telnet command

-This link will install mgcamd plugin to all enigma2 devices

- Will install mgcamd active code plugin

- You can activate free mgcamd service

- To activate go to plugin menu **** select mgcamd activation plugin and press yellow button from remote

- Now start mgcamd emu ... and enjoy

- Also this active code plugin will install OScam config files

- So you can use OScam also ... if you interested

- OScam emulater not enclude ... so you need to install it first if you want to use OScam