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If you want to keep all the settings in the dream, as a list, the satellite configuration, Emulators, settings, and CS -
and you want to insert another image, this is done using the root cramfs, and it is done in the following manner:

1.Open image in a directory.
2. Right-clicking, go to rename, and change in root.cramfs, then the name of image is now rooot a extenzija. Cramfs
3. Total Commander re-place the image in tmp folder
4. with the Dreambox and you go to the remote
Exspert setup-> OK
Software Update-> OK
Manual-update> OK
Manual upload-> OK
process takes about a minute.

-And an important reminder, when the Gemini image in question, make sure the bomb "adios amigo" and before any upgrade to a newer version
ate check your DreamBox has the MAC address of the line DMM's and that is 00:09:34: xx: xx: xx, so important are these 6 numbers to be just such
it will check:
1. RUN> telnet (IP address dream)> OK
2. in the open window to enter the root> OK then PASS dream> OK
3. Then type in ifconfig> OK, and to emphasize the
who has a chinese copy with a different MAC address, it can change with BRAINWAVE MAC changer and will secure from surprises...
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